Veteran Researcher Releases 'How to Think, Solve Problems & Succeed like a Genius' E-Book

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(Taylor Media Services) There are 13 Universal Laws Governing Successful Change and Success, Seven Rules Determining All Facets of Human Behavior and an Eight Step Procedure for Solving Any Problem. Those three are just some of the areas covered in a just released e-book from veteran social researcher James W. Taylor, III. “I have compiled a treasure trove of fundamental principles and proven techniques for getting what you want out of life,” says Taylor

How to Think, Solve Problems & Succeed like a Genius captures in a succinct, well written manner the wisdom and success strategies of sages ranging from the ancient Egyptian savant Imhotep to great physicists such as Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein to prolific inventors such as Thomas Alva Edison. According to Taylor, “Our aim was to combine the genius and success strategies of some of history’s most accomplished people into a powerful, concise and easy-to-read e-book”

Initial reviews suggest Taylor achieved his aim. The Washington, D.C.-based website Metro Journal DC, http:// , for example, labeled the e-book “a monumental achievement.” The e-book is just 40-pages in length but it delivers in succinct form on its promise to provide “universal laws and rules by which to lice and succeed with speed.”

The e-book comes with a money-back if not satisfied guarantee and also offers readers an opportunity to earn potentially handsome income just for telling others about the e-book.

Additional information about How to Thing, Solve Problems and Succeed like a Genius is available at Taylor’s popular website Wealth Gazette - .Following is a brief excerpt from the powerful achievement e-book:

“Imhotep’s approach to gaining knowledge was essentially dialectical - a word seldom used today but which basically means the search for the specific unity of opposites which causes, produces and perpetuates all things in nature and human society. Imhotep taught that life was process and if you can discover the process - the right set of steps - you can achieve any rational goal.”

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