Vehicle insurance for teenagers: tips to reduce the cost of vehicle insurance for teenagers

By: Pranav V Sharma

Teenagers and vehicles are not a good combination. Statistics say that teens represent only 14% of the driving population but account for 30% of the accidents. Thus teens are more at risk of accident than adults. Also the teenage drivers are having the highest reported cases of traffic accidents. This results in vehicle insurance for teenagers to be expensive.

As the vehicle insurance for teens is costly the parents are not too much interested in buying vehicle insurance as it shakes the entire budget. Vehicle insurance for teenagers protect the teenagers as well as their parents from the costs incurred if the teenagers get into an accident or have caused an accident leading to the damage of the property.

The assumptions of the vehicle insurance company about the vehicle insurance for teenagers is primarily based on the thought that the teenagers are at that stage of their life when the peer pressure on them is maximum and they have the zeal to prove themselves and show off. However these are only generalized thoughts and it is not fair to think the same for the teenagers who are much more responsible than their fellows. It is not possible to easily differentiate the responsible teenagers from the irresponsible ones. Thus the insurance companies believe in the generalized idea only.

Can the cost of vehicle insurance for teenagers be lowered? Yes, there are ways in which one can reduce the expenses of the vehicle insurance for teenagers. With the help of certain ways one can persuade the insurance companies.

• First step is to do some market research and find out about different companies providing vehicle insurance for teenagers. This will let the parents to know the necessary information about the various companies and their vehicle insurance policies for teenagers along with the different discounts offered on vehicle insurance for teenagers. Also most policies offer some common discounts.

• If the distance between the students’ residence and the college is not too much then it is obvious that the students travel less than 100 miles to get there. This is another factor on the basis of which discounts can be obtained.

• The discounts or the expenses of the vehicle insurance policy for teenagers can be further reduced if the teenager keeps a clean driving record and shows low annual mileage.

• The cost of the vehicle insurance for teenagers also depends on the type of the vehicle that the teenager drives.

• Keep regular check on the vehicle that the teenage is going to drive. This check includes tuning up the vehicle so that there are less chances of engine or machinery failure which can lead to loss of control and ultimately result in accident.

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