Vastu for Home Colors: Choosing the Right Shades for Fostering Peace and Prosperity

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Homes are coveted zones and it is important to abide by vastu norms for fostering peace and prosperity within the premises. Apart from getting the directions and layouts right, it is also important to abide by the principles of vastu for home colors. It is important to note that choosing the wrong colors for various zones of your home could be the primary cause responsible for gross disharmony. Therefore, it is important to source your suggestions from trusted and experienced vastu specialists in order to come to terms with the directives of vastu for home colors. Some important directives include:

Vastu for Home Colors: Choosing the Right Color for Specific Rooms

The preferred color choices would be:

Living Room: Choose yellow, beige, green and blue are well suited colors for your living room. Remember, light and bright shades are preferred in places where guests are meant to be entertained. These shades are known to promote healthy relationships and foster an active environment. Therefore, using them would enliven the mood of the entire household.

Dining Room:The chosen colors for the dining room would blue, pink, green, orange and peach for your dining space. Orange, in its various shades, would be the most chosen color of all because it is a shade that improves appetite. And healthy appetite would encourage good health. You need to avoid dull and black colors in your dining room since it is a space that is meant for digesting and eating.

Kitchen: When it comes to the kitchen, choose white since it proves to be the best color according to the principles of vastu. White is a color of cleanliness and purity. Therefore, it is indeed the best choice for wall colors and floors in your cooking space. The kitchen could also sport some bright colors like orange or red, which symbolizes fire. You can also use dark colored utensils and decorations to introduce these shades into the cooking space.

Meditation or Puja Room: The best colors for this space would be blue, green, sandalwood, yellow and white. However, sticking to sandalwood and yellow would be the best for conforming to the directives of vastu for home colors. Remember to stick to sober shades for this space in order to promote concentration and culminate peace of mind.

Bedroom: The bedroom must ideally sport colors like light green, pink, yellow and light blue. All of these shades encourage tranquility and promote great sleeping environment. The most preferred choice as per bedroom vastu is pink. Yellow can also be used if there are elderly members sleeping in the room. Avoiding dark shades of blue and red would be best for your sleeping space.

The Study: If the room is meant for children, choose green as your preferred color. The color green proves to be best suited for activities such as sleeping and studying. However, if your child is displaying a lot of aggression, consider choosing blue and different shades of it for fostering tranquility.

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Utmost care must be taken to design the entrance because the philosophies of Vastu for a home suggest that outside positive energy is correlated to the entire house through main door. Choose the best vastu color for your home with the help of vastu shastra experts! For more information please visit here:

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