Various types of transcription services

By: navjeet kaur

The demand for transcription services is increasing day by day, encouraging service providers to offer specialized services to their clients matching their different needs. Written below are some of the types of transcription services:

• Medical Transcription: This type of transcription service is used for various types of reports that are related to a patient’s health. For ensuring accurate and error free transcription of these reports the transcriptionist should be efficient enough so as to understand the medical terminology and have relevant qualification as well.

• Legal Transcription: Law firms, courts etc. make use of such types of transcription. Main things that are included are depositions, general correspondence and hearings etc.

• Business transcription: Such type of transcription finds its use in offices, such as meetings, training, interviews and conferences, as well as general correspondence.

• Academic transcription: This term explains its nature itself. It is used by school going or college going students so as to prepare reports related to seminars, researches etc. Even professors who have a busy schedule make use of such services.

• Dissertation transcription: Students who are studying medicine require transcription for dissertation and it involves a number of interviews so as to prepare for their final dissertation.

• Market research transcription: This type of transcription finds its use in market research. These require one speaker generally and in special cases more than one speaker might be required.

• Podcast transmission: This transcription is used in transcribing of podcasts. Some clients not only broadcast their podcasts but also like these to be posted on their website.

• Focus group transcription: This transcription involves focus groups. These groups comprise of more than three or four speakers.

• Sermon transcription: It helps in transcribing sermons. A number of churches like to offer hard copies of their sermons to handicapped or posting their sermons on the internet so that a number of people can access them.

• Lecture transcription: Presentations or lectures are included in this type of transcription. In these transcriptions mostly there is one speaker. It involves participation of an announcer so as to introduce the main speaker.

• Interview transcription: This type of transcription deals with interview of any type between two or more people. This type of transcription can be a part of any other transcription also, like business transcription.

• Text to text transcriptions: This transcription involves typing from written text, for example written documents or pdf files into a word document.

• General transcription: Most commonly used transcription is the general transcription. In order to have a contract with the general transcriptionist a test of his abilities is required. It covers a wide range of areas and basically includes podcasts, presentations, lectures and interviews.

Summarizing the above written transcription services we say that main objective of transcription services is transcribing the data or information as has been provided to them. Besides these types, transcription services are provided in various languages as well. Transcription work should be handed over to some reliable source, so that the transcription is prepared in a good manner and there is no mistake because what is transcribed becomes useful information for the readers.

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