Various elements of cloud benefits

By: Vikram Kuamr

Cloud computing is an internet based computing system. In earlier days people had to run programs or applications from downloaded software on a PC or form the server of their building. But with the introduction of cloud computing people can easily access the same applications easily through the internet. But still you may wonder why does cloud computing preferred so much specially by the businesses people? The answer lies in the various cloud benefits which includes increased efficiency, improved flexibility, easy usage via cloud mobile, and many more.

Briefed below are some of the cloud benefits bestowed to the users by cloud application-


Bandwidth forms the core part while selection of any of the web hosting serves. Cloud application service helps to meet the demand instantly due to the enormous capacity of the remote servers. Flexibility, in other words the ability to meet business demands rapidly stands one of the most important factors which have lead to increased demand of the cloud system.

Auto software updates

Automatic software update is the next best feature of cloud system. The users need not worry about updating the software, the responsibility lies on the part of cloud computing service providers. The cloud servicers hold the responsibility of server maintenance along with security updates.

Work anytime­ anywhere

Cloud computing system allows the users to work from anywhere – anytime until the users have internet access. This adds an extra feature to the clod benefits, as this flexibility helps to balance the work­life and productivity of the workers. Top­notch Security measures .

Data loss is one of the serious issues and can also lead to some serious monetary losses. But cloud applications eliminate all such factors as it stores all the data is auto saved in it instead of the system. Thus, with the cloud system data can still be accessed irrespective of any uncertainties or miss­happenings.

Eco friendly

The Businesses making use of the cloud computing use the server space only which is required by them this in turn lowers the use of carbon footprints. The small companies can gain much out of this feature of this cloud system, as with loud application the carbon emissions and energy use can be likely reduced by 90%.

Increase in collaboration

Cloud computing system uphill’s collaboration as it allows the employees/users to synchronize up with their work, follow colleagues, and simultaneously share apps along with the benefit of receiving important updates within time.

Document maintenance

This is another core factor which has lead to the increase in demand of Cloud computing system. Cloud application enables storage of all the files at a central location. The application also transfers the copy of the saved files to the workers/Employees. It also enables the employees to chat with each other while making any changes to the saved document. This in turn upraises the efficiency whilst improving the output of the employees.

Easy Access

Cloud system is easily accessible and also features simple operations. The user just needs to log onto his account with the given password and username and the functions can be easily carried on then. Cloud computing also comes with the feature of cloud mobile which adds to the benefits of cloud system.

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