Various Types of Insomnia and Its Side Effects

By: Dr Nisha

National center for Sleep Disorders Research at the national Institutes of health has reported about 30 to 40 percent of adults having symptoms of different types of insomnia within a given year. There are various types of insomnia based on the duration and potential causes. Majorly sleeplessness can be classified in three different types.

1. Acute insomnia - It is one of the most common types of insomnia. Acute sleep disorder is also known as short-term sleeplessness or stress related sleep disorder where it lasts for less than three months-from several nights up to three weeks. It is not a severe problem and can be removed using proper treatment. Common causes include stress, anxiety or change in environment. It has fewer side effects than chronic insomnia.

2. Chronic insomnia - Insomnia that ends more than three weeks is known as chronic insomnia, which may have profound effects on health, productivity, and quality of life. Causes of Chronic sleep disorder include depression, chronic stress, pain or discomfort at night. Nearly 1 in 10 people have chronic insomnia, which require some form of treatment. Its effects can vary according to its causes. It is one of the most harmful types of insomnia.

3. Transient insomnia - Transient insomnia lasts for less than a week. Major causes of transient sleep disorder are change in timing of sleep and change in the sleeping environment. Depression and stress are also reasons of transient insomnia. Jet tag is the most common type of transient insomnia.

The effects of sleeplessness can impact nearly every aspect of our life. Anyone may have sleep disorder, as 30 percent of adults complain of sleeplessness. It is common in women, adults, and people with certain medical health problems.

Major side effects of insomnia

People of all age group are affected by sleeplessness. Some side effects of insomnia are normal, while others can increase over time. Main side effects of insomnia are mentioned here.

1. Sleep disorder may cause accidents

2. It may lead to serious health problems.

3. Difficult to learn efficiently

4. It kills sex life

5. Depression problem

6. Lack of sleep makes your skin dull

7. It makes you forgetful

8. Losing sleep can make you gain weight

9. It may increase risk of death

10. It hurts your ability to make judgments

If you have one of the types of insomnia you may feel as you are alone. Individuals who have sleeplessness may report memory problems, depression issue or stress related problems. It may cause other problems, such as psychological and physical issue. Some common side effects of insomnia are sleepiness during the day, general tiredness, irritability and problems with concentration or memory. When people get proper treatment for sleeplessness problem they feel good.

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