Varieties of Tiles with Their Pros and Cons

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There is so much variety available for tiles on the market these days. You can go for any as per your requirements, likings, quantity; quality needed and amount as well. You can find tiles in almost any colour you want, in almost any range you want, in any size you want and also in whatever shape you want.

Tiles can highlight the floor of your bedroom or walls of your kitchen and bathroom; in fact, you can also use some tiles at the roof of your living room and can make it look completely outstanding. The beautifully textured tiles Geelong can also be used in the kitchen as a platform or benches or as splashbacks. They really look very beautiful.

Now, since we have so many great options available to us in tiles, it is really hard to choose the one that would look great as per our requirements. So, here, in this article we are going to help you out solve this problem by mentioning the most popular and commonly used tiles types and we also cover the details about the advantages of each of these tile types, disadvantages of each tile type and will also help you guys in knowing where these types of tiles are commonly used.

1.Ceramic is the most commonly used tile type and almost all of us are familiar with this type. Maybe most of us already have them in our house.
2.These are that same type of tiles that we all see, on a daily basis, in our bathrooms and in our showers.
3.As they are mostly used in bathrooms and showers, thus, they get clean easily, are waterproof and are also very hard, so that it does not get broken easily.
4.You can buy this type of tile easily starting with $30 per square meter.
5.Ceramic tiles are available for both tiles as well as for walls.
6.The wall ceramic tiles are glossier and have a shiny finish. They are also lighter and thinner than their floor counterparts.
7.Because they are light in weight and thin as well, their installation is easy.
8.The ceramic floor tiles are thick and heavy in comparison to wall tiles.
9.The floor tiles are also very strong as they will have to bear the stress of people walking on them and also furniture being placed on them.
10.When it comes to bathroom floors, the tiles that one should go with should be the non-glossy ones, as the glossy ones are already a bit slippery and can get more if it gets wet.
11.The glossy floor tiles can be easily used in other parts of the house like living room or bedrooms.
12.These tiles are like all-purpose tiles. You can use them almost everywhere in your house and also they can resist water, withstand high heat and are really very easy to get installed.
13.But one thing that you have to take care of is the fact that these tiles are very brittle in nature. If something hard falls on them or if a tile is dropped by someone, it will get a crack for sure or may also get shattered.
14.When these tiles are installed, they are installed on a tile adhesive, to get them fixed, and there is a small gap is left in between tiles Geelong. This gap in them filled with tile grout. The tile grout is actually available in many colours but what people usually use is the white colour.
15.These tiles are available in many different sizes from small to large as per your requirement. These tiles are also available in rectangle sizes other than the common square ones.

1.Stone tiles are actually very much similar to the ceramic tiles. The only difference between these two being two different types of tiles is the fact that the stone tiles are made up of natural stones and are not manufactured like the ceramic ones.
2.As these tiles are made up of natural stones, they are very heavy, very strong and are able to handle a lot of weight and traffic.
3.There is much variety of stone can be used in making these types of tiles. Some such stones can be marbles, slate, sandstone, travertine, etc.
4.You can get these tiles with two options, either with a natural finish or with machined finish.
5.The machined finish means that the tile has been cut back and made flat on the surface, just like a ceramic tile.
6.Natural finish means that the tile has been roughly cut only and will have the natural grooves, bumps, etc.
7.Stone tiles absorb water and thus are not slippery when they are wet.
8.Because of their absorbing property, they need to be sealed properly, thus no stains will form.
9.Stone tiles are quite expensive than the ceramic tiles and thus they are not that commonly used.
10.These tiles are a bit more difficult to lay in comparison of ceramic tiles because they are heavy in weight.
11.It is also difficult to cut these tiles as they are strong and heavy in weight.

1.Cork tiles are made up of cork.
2.These tiles are used mainly in living areas as floor tiles.
3.These tiles are much warmer than the other two types mentioned above.
4.These tiles are really easy to walk on because they are very soft in comparison to ceramic or stone tiles.
5.Also, because they are soft, if something like a glass drops onto it, it will not break.
6.There is a requirement of sealing these tiles for protection, as they are very soft. But you can buy the already sealed option available to avoid the after sealing complications.
7.Just like in the case of ceramic tiles, here also some special adhesive is applied and then the tile is placed on it to get set. But the difference in these two types of tiles is that in case of ceramic, we used to leave some gap in between the tiles, while here, no gap is left.
8.Because we are not leaving any gap in between tiles, the post looks after installation gave it smooth corks look and it also not feels like it is a tile.
9.The con with this type of tile is that these are not very durable. In areas of heavy wearing, either you have to replace it after some time or need to redo it completely in around 10 to 15 years.
10.If you live in some place where the sun is really harsh, then keep this in mind before going for cork tiles as these harsh sun rays can fade the cork tiles easily.
11.Although they are a cheaper alternative to stone tiles since they are not durable and you have to redo it in every 10 to 15 years, thus end up costing you even more than one time stone tiles.

1.Carpet tiles are not available in multiple sizes similar to the cork tiles Geelong.
2.The end result of the carpet tiles will also look similar to the cork tiles. It will not look like those tiles have been placed, it will look like if it a single piece of carpet in been placed on the floor.
3.It is a better option than the normal tiles, as you can easily replace one single tile if it gets cracks or get broken or get stained.
4.These tiles are also easy to maintain and manage than the actual carpet roll.
5.If you have to cover some big area with a carpet like your office or any halls, then it is quite difficult to find the carpet roll of this big size that easily and here the carpet tiles are the best solution to go with.
6.These are a better option to be used in office buildings, business premises, activity rooms, kids play area, etc.

1.Vinyl floorings used to be available in sheets back then, but now it is possible to get them in the form of tiles.
2.These are similar to carpet and cork tiles.
3.These types of tiles are really very cheap, are also hard wearing, warm and soft at the same time.
4.You can get many designs in it, but the unique one is the timber look.
5.These tiles can be used in any area of the house from bathroom to kitchen to living area.
6.As they are really cheap, thus it makes them a great alternative to the costlier natural stone tile.
7.These tiles are also very easy to lay option in tiles.

1.These are like the newest addition to the tile family.
2.These tiles can be very easily used at your home or office.
3.These have great pros with them. They are very hard wearing, they are also known slippery, and they are extremely quiet and are also soft to walk on.
4.The colour options available are not much, thus there is a chance that it will not fit into your expectations.
5.But they are indeed a cheaper option to lay and buy.

You can easily use them outdoors as well at places like near the pool.

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