Variations between the indoor and outdoor pool tables Australia

By: Gautam Punja

The inability to play croquette when the weather played spoil sport was the main reason for the French to come up with the concept of billiards. This game was developed as an indoor variant for croquette and enjoyed tremendous popularity among the royals, nobles and others in the upper strata of society in the 17th century. However, as years rolled by, this game trickled down through the masses and permeated through the working class as well who took to it like fish to water. This immediately led to a bigger demand for pool tables and all the other accessories needed to play this game. Though this game originated in Europe, it is the pool tables from Australia that are making waves currently all over the world. Over the years, Australian manufacturers have made an effort to understand the pulse of the customers and have created a wide range of tables for outdoor and indoor use. Before purchasing these tables, understand the key aspects that differ between indoor custom pool tables and outdoor pool tables Brisbane.

The main difference between the indoor and outdoor pool tables is their frame. Traditional pool tables for indoor use were made of wooden frames, with the wood chosen being walnut, maple, ebony, oak, teak, cherry and cedar. In recent times, custom pool tables for indoors are also being made using softwood such as pine. Wood is not an ideal choice for frames for outdoor tables since it is not resistant to external conditions. While heat sucks away the inherent moisture and makes it brittle, rain and snow makes it warp thus rendering the pool tables unusable. Therefore, outdoor pool tables Brisbane are made using either stainless steel or aluminium, both of which can withstand extreme weather fluctuations.

Playing bed
The best custom pool tables for indoor use have playing beds that are made of slate. Australian manufacturers use the top quality Italian slate to create the playing bed that ensures superior gaming experience. However, slate cannot be left exposed, which is the reason the bed is covered with a green coloured cloth that is referred to as the felt. This cloth makes it easier for the balls to easily glide across the tables when the game is being played. Slate and felt are not recommended for outdoor pool tables since they easily attract dust and also get wet during the rains, leading to tears. To eliminate the task of constantly replacing felt that can set you back by a huge amount of money, pool tables Brisbane manufacturers use vinyl surfaces to create the playing surface for outdoor pool tables. This is another significant difference between the indoor and outdoor tables.

Lighting solutions
Inbuilt lighting is one of the main reasons for many customers to prefer outdoor custom pool tables to indoor ones. Traditional indoor tables did not have any scope for inbuilt lighting since slate is opaque. However, thin vinyl boards are translucent and allow light to pass through them. This not only enhances the appeal of the outdoor pool tables, but also makes it easier for players to continue the game well into the night without having to worry about sufficient lighting. LED lights that are used as a part of the lighting circuit in outdoor tables have to potential to withstand wear and tear and can serve efficiently for years without any problems, thus avoiding the need to replace them.

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