Vanity Toll Free Numbers: Simple Tips on Avoiding Prefix Confusion to Drive Sales

By: Ricky Pattison

Vanity toll free numbers are immensely popular during the present day. They are so because they help customers remember a company more easily when they require a product, service or customer support. Nearly since toll free numbers first were offered, vanity toll free numbers have been a common method that companies use as a telephonic means of branding. Choosing the appropriate prefixes for your vanity toll free numbers can go a long day in further driving sales and responses, and in securing your brand.

Buying Other Extensions for Same Vanity Number Toll Free Numbers
Should you buy other extensions for your vanity toll free numbers? This is a very common question, and the simple answer is: yes, you should. Once you own a vanity toll free number, think of it like a web domain name. There are a few prefixes that you just want to own just to own them. Upon owning them all, you truly do have mastery of that telephonic vanity brand you just created. This method also prevents competitors from using your same vanity number with a different prefix.

Using 800 Lookup Tools to Streamline Searches
Stop scratching your head every time that you think of an idea for a vanity number only to find out that it is taken. Use popular 800 lookup tools to make your searches easier. There are a gaggle of features that are available on these tools, and by using the “wildcard” search option, you can find all types of related available numbers that coincide with your search. You can easily reduce your time spend searching significantly, and you can yield many vanity number prospects by relying upon helpful 800 lookup tools.

White-boarding Ideas for Vanity Toll Free Numbers
One surefire method before you use an 800 lookup tool is to break out the whiteboard. Sit around and brainstorm ideas with your associates. Think of mottos, catchphrases, slogans and so forth that best represent your brand. Try and get a top ten list together for vanity number ideas, catchphrases and slogans that you can use to find better results with an 800 lookup tool.

Purchasing Variations to Secure Your Vanity Toll Free Numbers
Variations are important for two reasons: capturing a large portion of misdial traffic and preventing competitors from zeroing in on your telephonic presence. So keep this in mind when opting for vanity toll free numbers. Always purchase as many variations as you can to protect your brand and to help capture misdial traffic.

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