Van Shelving and Why It is So Important

By: Julia Bennet

Van shelving is an essential thing that one has to do when one makes his livelihood commuting by vans to different locations. The shelving helps to increase van storage so that many things can be stored in the van. For people who start e-commerce websites, vans are necessary for transporting goods to the customers and clients. For arranging goods in an orderly way, the shelving should be done inside the van. Compact van shelving leads to increase in van storage. The shelving should be done depending on what you carry in the van. The shelving should be done in such a way that equipment can be well-organized.

Van shelving varies as per the needs of the people. For example, electricians carry smaller tools and wires with them. Accordingly, shelves with small drawers should be constructed with utility hooks mounted on the walls of the shelves to carry wires. Similarly, for contractors who do road repairs, they have to carry heavy equipment and small valuable parts. For them, shelving should be done with big drawers and small bins. There are different types of shelving depending on the size of the shelves we need. They are closet shelving and modular shelving. When you go for a mountain trek or a road trip, closet shelving is required to keep your personal belongings safe. For a mobile restaurant on a van, modular shelving will do well for storing food in different modules. Modular shelving helps to handle food easily and increases van storage also.

Depending on the type of material, van shelving is categorized into three types. They are steel shelving, chrome wire shelving, and wood shelving. In steel shelving, the material used for making shelves is steel. Steel shelving is constructed to hold heavy tools and machinery during transit. Chrome wire shelving is made of chrome wire which holds many useful items. The usefulness of chrome wire shelving is that there is minimal dirt accumulation and scope for ventilation. Material usage for constructing shelves is also less. Wire bins can also be made inside shelves itself to improve van storage. Wood shelving is made of plywood. Wood shelving is not preferred now-a-days because of maintenance costs. Wood shelving is used to hold lighter equipment and smaller tools.

To increase van storage by van shelving, there are shelving accessories such as trays, holders, utility hooks, dividers, bins and drawers. A set of trays can be attached on the sides of the shelves to hold spray cans, juice bottles etc. Holders are used to hold books, magazines etc. Utility hooks are mounted on the sides of the walls of the shelves to hold extension cords, wires, belts etc. Using dividers bigger shelves can be segmented into smaller ones. Transparent bins are easy to handle and can be efficient for storing valuable items. Recyclable corrugated bins are also available in the market, which can store lighter material such as paper cups, candles etc. Bin cups are used in the bins. Like bins, drawers can be used to store small parts too.

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