Vampire Costume is Never Obsolete for Halloween

By: Travis Olague

Vampires are mythological or folklore history who subsist by feeding on the blood of the living. It is difficult to make a single, definitive description of the folkloric vampire. But they are usually found in tales with gaunt, pale, and long fingernails and fangs.

Halloween is coming and you want to be the most terrifying person on that day. You are thinking about lots of costumes and stop on the one which can put terror into the most fearless and intrepid people. A vampire costume is the perfect one to do it; there is no other costume that can look terrifying and elegant at one moment.

But if you have a black or black and red cloak with a high stand-up collar, a perfect white shirt and a top hat, can they guess that there is a vampire standing in front of them, that notorious terrifying Count Dracula? But it might happen that one may hardly have an idea about it. It is not a secret that nowadays, it is a very rare luxury to see a vampire in full dress. And it will be a real challenge to pick out a born blood-sucker from a crowd of people.

To clarify the situation we are not speaking about so-called energetic vampires, they don't have any uniforms and it is the most horrifying thing because you won't be able to pick them out judging by their appearances but they can still harm you. They can be dressed in an ordinary suit or a dressing-gown. Their costumes have nothing special and attractive. That is why we are talking now about an ordinary blood-sucker vampire but not about an energetic one.

This information will really surprise you and shock somehow but some people like taste of blood. They deliberately bite their cheeks to have some flavor of blood. Are they real vampires? Somehow they are but they only like it but a real vampire can not exist without blood. Moreover he likes not his own blood but the other's. They don't walk in the streets shouting " I love to suck your blood" or hold posters "my fangs + your neck is my food". They have a special look and their fangs grow longer when they are ready for a bite. Long fangs will give away a secret of the master's supernatural belonging to. A vampire has to be pale not just pale but deadly pale. Blushing cheeks are for Little Red Round Hood. Special make-up and tattoos - blood seeping from the mouth, can vividly disguise you into a real vampire. And you will look like real Hollywood vampires. Pale face, black made-up eyes and red, red lips will help you to look naturally supernatural. And there is one little thing but significantly important to put terror into everybody who just has a slight look in your eyes are red color lenses which resemble a cat's eyes.

Choosing a vampire costume you don't have to ignore any of the suggestions otherwise you might look funny and other devilish Halloween creatures will not let you join their supernatural society.

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