Vaastu Shastra Tips for Bedroom

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In this fast paced world, success, peace and prosperity are indeed fading away from every individual’s life. Simplifying the survival mantra for all is Vaastu Shastra- the sacred architectural art that helps in channelizing the positive energies and balancing the life in the right way.

With a number of theories and concepts weaved around this ancient art of designing, Vastu is often mistaken as a ritual, hence ignored by most individuals. For common problems and issues like- professional struggle, unhealthy relationships at home, child’s inability to concentrate or even a sleeping disorder, Vastu could be an ideal solution for all problems.

Simple Additions For A Better Life

According to experts, imbibing the correct home Vastu design or following the correct Vastu for bedroom leads to a peaceful environment and boosts prosperity and occupant’s well being. Basic yet simple tips like adding lord Ganesha’s picture, choosing the right colours for the bedroom walls or even sleeping in the right direction not just fixes majority of the problems but also helps in retaining wealth, health and a stress-free and positive environment.

Right Architecture

In spite of spending approximately one third of the life in the bedroom, people often ignore and go wrong with Vastu bedroom settings. The first and the foremost thing that one needs to be careful about is the door of the bedroom which is considered as the key to the life ahead. In order to generate positive vibes and let opportunities to enter your life, the door should preferably open at, at least ninety degrees. As per the Vastu experts, a half opened door tends to suppress the positivity to flow into the room.

Clear The Clutter

A clutter free and clean bedroom makes an individual more efficient and boosts the overall functionality. The mess underneath the bed is said to hold a person back, keeping his mind connected to the past and disrupting the sleep. In layman’s terms, a chaotic or disorderly bedroom invites stagnancy in life, tying an individual to his past in a subtle manner.

To begin with, clearing off stacked newspapers and magazines from the drawers and closets could make occupants feel organized and help them make room for more important things. It is believed that while an individual is asleep, he releases the stress and if a mirror is placed opposite the foot, it could store all the negativity and reflect it back once the person wakes up. For a peaceful and restful sleep, it is advised by the experts to cover the mirror at night. Experts also believe that heading South while sleeping stimulates the blood flow and improves the overall health of the individual.

For living a harmonious, successful and stress-free life, one can simply bank on the interesting Vaastu tips and guidelines. For practical advice, get in touch with an expert now!

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Vaastu Shastra as a science can really help you turn around your life. For useful tips from Vastu for bedroom design, visit and discover easy options to a better, happier life.

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