Utility of Macintosh in today’s corporate world

By: Firoj Khan

July 12 2006, Unlike the PC, the Mac is Apple's proprietary technology, and except for a brief period, Apple prevented a Macintosh clone industry from developing and growing.

The Mac's graphical ability made it a natural for graphics shops and desktop publishing. It might have been slow, but it was far more affordable than the workstations used for such purposes.

Encapsulation of Macintosh files

When we sending Apple Macintosh files, the format is compatible with existing mechanisms for distributing Macintosh files, while allowing non-Macintosh systems access to data in standardizes formats.

The Macintosh files consists two parts, called forks.
Data forks:
The actual data included in the file. The Data fork is typically the only meaningful part of
a Macintosh file on a non-Macintosh computer system.
Exactly means if you is Macintosh users, you want to send data to IBM–PC,
You only send the data fork.

Resource fork:
This is a Contains a collection of arbitrary attribute/value pairs, including program
segments, icon bitmaps, and parametric values.

If you want to know the additional information regarding Macintosh files is stored by the finder in hidden files, called “desktop database”.

MIME-based Mac files :
It contains two parts:
Header: It including the Macintosh resource fork and desktop information.
Data fork: containing the Macintosh data fork.

As a result, the Macintosh was used sporadically in the corporate world, but due to its natural bent, became popular in desktop publishing and graphics design. The Mac pioneered the use of personal computers for these applications and became the de facto standard in the graphics arts industry.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II, and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Today, Apple remains committed to creating the best personal computers in the world, and its hardware and software products are widely regarded as being the most innovative in the industry.

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