Using a Niche Article Marketing Strategy

By: Guy Draper

For all intents and purposes, if an internet marketer is looking to promote a product via content writing, then it needs to be specific to guarantee that quality targeted traffic is obtained. The only way to do this is to adopt a niche article marketing strategy. This means pointing out a niche, analyzing the keywords and writing articles that might inspire customers to click through and buy a product.

What are the most widespread mistakes?

Niche article marketing definitely is not easy. A lot of article writers will assume that talking about the product or service that they are promoting is the right option. Whilst sometimes this can be extremely successful, there are only so many articles that can be written related to certain products. This means content writers will need to research keywords and phrases that are related to their product. For all intents and purposes it may mean if you are promoting motorcycle helmets, then you may use articles based around safety equipment, road safety, motorcycle protection and so on, rather than 'XYZ Full Face Helmet'. Niche article marketing is not just writing about the product, it is connecting the reader WITH the product.

Let's see a quick illustration. An internet marketer is looking to sell motorcycle helmets via an affiliate program they have found. Most people will try and use as many variations as probable relating to motorcycle helmets, such as 'road bike helmet' 'super bike helmet' and so on. The problem is that you will literally have no chance penetrating the search engines with your keywords unless you use niche article marketing. You need to split the keywords down even further and be precise, which might mean picking a particular helmet with a high search volume, but low competition. By doing so, you now know all visitors are looking for that precise helmet. I've broken down this completely below, this is a prime example of niche article marketing

"Motorcycle helmets" have over 4,000,000 searches a month, but sorry to say there is nearly 10,000,000 sites competing for that keyword. In fact this isn't even targeted; searchers are most likely looking for a specific helmet.

Let's presume the buyer is interested in "KBC motorcycle helmet". That's better; it gets an usual search volume well over 3,600 per month, but only has 3,000 competitors! By producing articles and linking with correct anchor text to your landing page, there is a good possibility your articles will show within the top 10 results, creating some exceedingly targeted traffic and some decent sales.

What I am trying to say is, you are more probable to rank for a keyword with worse competition. It's better to have a 10% slice of a small pie, than a 0% slice of a big pie! Niche article marketing gives you a fighting chance of producing an extremely significant return.

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