Using a Dumbwaiter and Benefiting

By: Ralph Nindly

A dumbwaiter is a popular device to use in the home. These mini elevators allow for items to be moved around the home virtually effortlessly. They have been used for thousands of years, with the early models using manual power. Today, most businesses and homes make use of electric dumbwaiters.
An electric dumbwaiter is sent up and down, moving quickly between the floors of a home or other building. The weight that they can support varies, but most residential dumbwaiters support around a hundred pounds, but can be upgraded to support more if needed.
Most use an enclosed box called a car to transport items between floors. There are doors on the car, which are designed to keep items in place as the lift moves up and down. The doors that open up to the shaft also are created in a manner that prevents them from being opened if the car is not present.
In many cases, a dumbwaiter can be added to an existing structure and they are usually easily installed to new homes. A dumbwaiter will require a vertical distance between floors of about four square feet. They usually utilize a track that can attach to a wooden frame and will keep the car balanced.
These lifting aids offer many features that are similar to that of an elevator, but most dumbwaiters should never carry a person. One of the similarities that dumbwaiters share with elevators is the way the device is called. A set of call buttons is installed next to each opening to the shaft-way. When the presence of the dumbwaiter is required, the appropriate button can be pushed and the dumbwaiter will quickly move to the floor that requested it. The call buttons are also used to send the dumbwaiter on its way after it has been loaded.
In businesses, dumbwaiters have been used quite extensively, with records of their use dating back thousands of years. They are able to allow a business to make the most efficient use of their space popular. This is one reason they are so popular on boats and cruise liners.
In homes, a dumbwaiter can make many tasks much easier and allows them to be completed in much less time. This includes task such as moving the groceries from the car to the kitchen. Many also like to utilize their dumbwaiter to make laundry much easier. For those that have hired house-cleaners, these devices can help reduce the time spent cleaning your home and in this regard, dumbwaiters might be able to save you money and time.
Not having to struggle up the stairs with a load of firewood or a bag of groceries does a tremendous job of reducing the risk of a fall. Many people use them on multiple floors.

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