Using Wine for Cooking

By: Stephen John

Any expert cook will tell you that using wine for cooking can be a bit tricky. Achieving the desired taste for your next kitchen masterpiece will never be easy if you are not fully aware about practical guidelines regarding how to choose the right wine for the meal you plan to make.

These tips will help simplify the whole process for you. By following these simple suggestions, your trip to the local wine stores will not be too much of a stress. Most importantly, you will be able to cook wonderful food all the time – much to the delight of you family and friends!

Here’s what you need to do:

First, read the instructions included in the recipe.

In most cases, the recipe itself will tell you about the type of wine that will best work with the meal in question. You need to have a quick eye sometimes since some recipes will not be too specific and they will only write “1 cup of wine” or “dry white wine.” When you encounter these words, keep in mind that 1 cup of wine means you will need to buy a bottle. Usually, a wine bottle has a standard size of 750 ml and so that gives you about 4 cups of wine from a single bottle. You can opt to buy one or at least a half bottle so you can keep the extra for more cooking tasks next time around. On the other hand, “dry white wine” commonly denotes wine that does not have a sweet taste.

Second, be warned about cooking wine.

It is a common experience for most grocery buyers to notice cooking wine being sold in the market. These products are usually displayed along with vinegar and other condiments. Take caution, however, that most of these options do not have alcohol content – or at least contains only a very small portion of it. In most cases, cooking wine also has salt and other additives and so this can potentially ruin the taste of your meal. It’s always better a better idea to purchase a “real” wine instead of these alternatives.

Third, use wine that you love to drink.

It makes common sense to use a wine that you would also drink, regardless if you’re mixing it with food or not. You have to love the taste of it in order to appreciate it and so you have to make sure that you are going with the best choice. In case you are not that much of a wine enthusiast, try sampling different brands of wine or seek the advice of someone who’s really knowledgeable about wine.

Whether you are planning to cook meat, or fish, selecting the right wine is absolutely crucial. Actually, there are also many bakers who use wine as they bake different pastries and that’s something you can also try once you have mastered the trick of using wine in the kitchen.

You can either try local wine shops in your place or you may also purchase from online retailers. In any case, feel free to get in touch and ask questions with their staff members. Recommendations can make a big difference at times so take note of what experts have to say about the matter.

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Stephen John is a food and wine enthusiast. He blogs about food, wine, and culture and writes wine reviews for a living. He loves to travel and try exotic cuisines of different countries. If you need to buy wine online for your cooking, you can always find it here.

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