Using Therapeutic Massage to Treat Women's Health Problems

By: Scott Meyers

Many women have severe problems with menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome. It can also help harmonize the large and small intestine. It has benefits for the spleen, stomach, and gallbladder. If you want to help your stomach problems with self-message you may also want to use warm oil with cinnamon to help warm your tummy. It can help you through your period and help with loose stools and severe abdominal cramps.

There are several moves you can do to help soothe problems in the abdominal area. Start with lying on a flat and firm surface. You may want to place a small pillow under your knees if you have problems with your lower back. Close your eyes and practice deep breathing techniques. Avoid distractions by trying to keep your mind blank not allowing outside forces crowd in and disrupt your concentration.

Begin by placing your right palm on your abdomen just above your navel. Your thumb should lie against the skin and point toward your chin. If your left hand is your dominant hand, put that hand down and place the other hand on top of your dominant hand. Feel the gentle warmth under your hands and breathe deeply in and out slowly. Begin rubbing your stomach in a clockwise motion. Repeat the motion from 20 to 40 times.

Once your have completed those motions, raise your hands to the lower part of your rib cage on both sides of your body. Massage down the length of your body into the pelvic and groin area. Repeat this massage motion five times. Then move your hand to the lower part of your abdomen in the center and repeat the clockwise motion for 20 to 40 times.

Move to a sitting position and inhale. Turn your neck and head only, not your body, and look over your left shoulder, breathe out. Then inhale as your turn your neck and head to look over your right shoulder, and exhale. Still in a sitting position, carefully place your right hand along the waist on the left side of your body while you inhale. Slowly move your palm forward along your waist to your navel while exhaling. Reverse this movement for the other side.

Next, work on your lower body rubbing your hand down the front of your lower torso over your hipbones and to the top of your thighs. When you are using this massage technique, make it one long slow motion with your palm open and flat.

Return to the first position and replace your hands in the same location rubbing to the count of six. Breathing is important for this massage technique. Breathe in on the count of three and breathe out on the count of six. Keep your eyes closed or only half open to avoid distraction.

This form of self-massage will be able to relieve the symptoms of PMS, menstrual cramping and loose stools because of cold. This form of self-massage is simple to do and may help relieve your symptoms without drugs that may have side effects.

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