Using The Bellsouth Cell Phone Directory

By: Robert Thomson

For so many years, it has been impossible to track who some cell phone numbers belong to and you were not able to call your local information number to find someone's cell phone number in order to get a hold of them. For the most part, cell phones were immune to getting unwanted sales calls and calls from bill collectors unless you gave them your number all on your own. No one could track you down through your cell phone unless they were one of the people that you personally gave the number to. But this is no longer the case as things such as the bellsouth cell phone directory are coming into play.

The bellsouth cell phone directory does pretty much what you would think it would do as it is a directory complied of cell phone numbers that can be looked up by just about anyone. Now, with only a few extra steps, someone with the knowledge of where to look, can find you on your cell phone and call you with those terrible and always harassing sales calls. By using the bellsouth cell phone directory, a lot of creditors are also able to find people that owe them money who either do not have a home phone service or refuse to answer their calls on there.

Why Use It

Probably most of the time it is creditors who would take advantage of using things such as the bellsouth cell phone directory because of their need to collect a debt. If they have been trying to get a hold of someone for a long time, this may be the only way to reach them. Plus, there is the shock factor because since the customer did not give the creditor their cell phone number, they felt they were safe from receiving those calls there. So if the phone rings and they do not recognize the number, they may very well pick up since they do not expect it to be a bill collector.

The reasons for using the bellsouth cell phone directory could be endless and a lot of people are fearful because when someone calls you on your cell phone, it can cost you a lot of money per minute. So a lot of people feel that the bellsouth cell phone directory is an advertisement of their telephone number, which can be used by sales people. They do not want to talk to the sales people but because of the bellsouth cell phone directory, they may have no choice and end up paying a lot of money for those calls.

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