Using Permalac on Wood

By: Vikram Kuamr

Many people are fond of using Permalac for metal protection but it is also as good when used with wood. Just like metal, wooden materials can suffer from effects of sunlight and many other destructive agents thus will require protection of this polish. Specifically, it is good for keeping ultraviolet rays from the sun at bay as that is the biggest enemy to wooden materials. The sun rays can easily cause the material to dry up very fast leading to cracks or warping on top of fading out. Moisture is another thing that can damage wooden materials and this polish offers quality resistance against that as well as an aesthetic value since itís an attractive finish.

The application process will not be any different from how it is done with many other polishes. One, the surface must be well cleaned and properly dried otherwise the polish will not bond well with the wooden material. If you had applied a different coating hen it has to be removed so as to pave way for the new polish. Never apply your Permalac on top of an old coating. The place where you choose to apply this polish must have good ventilation for health reasons. Have protection worn around the eyes, nose and mouth to ensure internal body parts like lungs and throat are not affected by the polish during spraying.

To apply this polish on wood, you can do it through spraying using a can or just use a brush. Both options are good enough and you will have to go for the one you feel is best suited. Within minutes, the polish will be dry after applying on the wooden material but itís advisable you give it a longer period for complete curing. It should be stored in a safe area away from interference by human hands because it has to dry completely. Obviously, there are many dangers that you will come across when applying Permalac on wood thus great precaution has to be exercised. There are precise environmental conditions like cloudy which donít go well with such a finish.

The only good thing you can do is avoiding applying the polish at such times so you have to be well-timed. Also, high temperatures are discouraged when applying the polish because it can cause the surface to blister or bubble. When wet, you should try as much as possible to have the wooden surface kept away from direct sunlight especially when drying. It should dry at its own pace and not forced or rushed. You should not experience any difficulties when applying Permalac on wood once all these guidelines have been followed. You have to do it with passion and commitment in order to succeed.

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You should never be lied to that Permalac is not a good choice for use with wood. It will be as effective as when used with metal and the benefits will be more or less the same. Actually, the whole process of applying uses same principles as with clear coat copper or any other material.

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