Using Optin Email Marketing To Optimize Your Business Prospects

By: John Rebecca

Optin Email Marketing is becoming a popular aspect of the online marketing business. Developing a targeted email list of prospects is essential if you want to ensure that your online business converts into some monetary gain for yourself. There are a few secrets that would enable you to reap profits out of the email marketing business. But for that the process of building your email marketing skills is not enough. You shouldn't stop with collecting optin email addresses to market your products and services. In fact, this needs to be only the beginning.

As a marketer, you need to understand that if people have taken the trouble to leave behind their contact details, then they become prospects. And it is important to capture the attention of and utilize prospects. Hence, you need to connect with these lead and prospects, get to know them and allow them to get to know you. It is essential that you build a relationship with your prospects and gain their trust. It is only after gaining their trust that you can expect them to buy something from you.

Marketers often fail to understand this very point. They setup a capture page, offer something of value to a visitor, and turn that visitor into a subscriber. Then, they proceed to bombard that subscriber with offers for products and services they should purchase. The consumer will refuse to buy anything from you unless he is absolutely sure that you will give nothing but the best. And it is for this very reason that you need to get the consumer to trust you. You can easily get in to the good books of the consumer by setting up an auto-responder series.

The auto-responder automatically begins the process of replying to emails containing or matching filtered keywords or phrases. The consumer receives a prepared message in response to an email intercepted by the email server. Auto-repsonders are widely used to commence all phases of sales and marketing. Using the auto-responder series will let the consumer know that they are valuable to you and you care enough to respond to them.

You must engage with your prospect in such a manner that they start looking forward to your mails. Once you create such a relationship with your prospects, you can start asking questions asking them what they need, what their challenges are, what are they looking for from you and then you can offer solutions based on the problems that you have uncovered. This will help you to offer niche based solutions. Your prospect will also be able to understand that you aim to provide the right kind of solutions without bombarding them with unnecessary offers. This will give them the confidence to recommend you to their friends and acquaintances.

If you follow the above strategy, the direct result will be that consumers will queue up to buy your products because of the relationship that you build with them. Your rapport with your consumers can help determine if you become a success in the online marketing business.

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