Using Facebook Applications for Network Marketing Prospecting

By: Jim Green

Are Facebook applications on track to be a big game changer in the realm of Internet/attraction marketing? There is now at least one example of an extremely effective recruiting system in the MLM/network marketing niche. Maverick network marketer David Wood is exerting his considerable influence in his most recent campaign and, incorporating many proven concepts in his next generation Network Marketing recruiting system on Facebook.

Facebook applications represent an extremely powerful business tool, as well as a familiar interface to many that are used to Farmville and other popular Facebook games. To date, the practice of using Facebook applications has been reserved for larger companies, due to the development cost of around $2 to $3000. Affordable tools are starting to be made available, particularly in the local marketing realm. In the network marketing niche, David Wood may be the first to develop a Facebook application.

David pioneered the use of article marketing strategies for the network marketing community (we request of those with other examples to leave a comment on this article), when most didn't believe it to be possible. David, remarkably, began his Internet marketing career while living in a van and completely unfamiliar with Internet marketing strategies, and was able to develop a list of 31,000 followers in less than two years.. Now in continuing his bold vision, he has developed a new “Government-Approved” Facebook application as a viral presentation method. In conjunction with this new tool, he is driving massive traffic via his followers, many of whom have become rabid article marketing “machines,” under his leadership. Here are the features included in the system he’s put together:

* Use of Facebook application to generate leads as well make a presentation
* Training included for MLM lead generation and recruiting
* Replaces the usual infrastructure, e.g., squeeze page, etc.
* Tracking of referrals delivered by each distributor to the Facebook application

Anyone who is serious about their MLM business should at least understand what their competition is up to. If not, you might be left in the dust.

To look at this for yourself, please visit the following Facebook application link and evaluate for yourself. The numbers tell the story, but we invite your due diligence in taking a look at the use of Facebook applications in network marketing by one of the network marketing/MLM trendsetters.

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For more information on using Facebook applications in your MLM/network marketing business, check out the following link and see the orignal content on David Wood's innovative marketing system.

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