Using Covert Persuasion Techniques

By: Wesley Koh

Due to greater exposure to internet, TV and papers these days, it will require more than just presentation to get people to buy or subscribe to your products and services. Such as using convert persuasion techniques to get them do what you want them to.

Question is how do you use them to your advantage as well as to others? More importantly, do you know what they are and whether if they really work?

To answer these questions, allow me to tell you a story about how one man convinced his customers using just one method which others eventually addressed as the name method of persuasion.

His name is Mark. Now Mark has been in the market business for years now. He sold vegetables in his hometown since 9 as that has been his family business and legacy being passed through generations. Starting out as a few stalls, he now owns a large grocery store.

Being in the business of communicating with and helping people, Mark naturally became a popular person that people find easy to get along with.

Besides learning from his parents, he has a natural sense of humor. He can understand what people are thinking and give them exactly what they want without being told all the time. And he does this in a jovial manner.

Best of all, he can remember their names as clearly as he knew them yesterday and address them accordingly. That itself is the biggest factor in his business success.

Another factor is he know their personalities, what they like and do not like through frequent interactions. He does not take notes but yet has a good memory of recalling.

This, my friend is covert persuasion technique. Problem is not everybody is like or can be like Mark no matter how hard they tried to duplicate him. Such as knowing people's names but overaddressing them that gives them the impression that you are ordering them about rather than persuading them.

Though you can still learn and develop from experts like Mark, you still need to be patient with others and yourself if you want to achieve the results you want.

Same results as in persuading people to do what you want and more importantly doing so with their interests in heart. Such as giving value.

But once you mastered just this one technique alone, you can accomplish more than what you imagine. Whether it is business with your clients or relationships with the ones you love and the people you associate with.

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