Uses of Silica Gel – The quintessential moisture absorber

By: Brennen Derek

Silica gel packets are not common. Each time you buy a pair of brand new shoes or a packet of beef jerky, you will see a small white packet accompanying your new buy. These accompaniments are actually packets of silica gel in granular format. The biggest usage of this silica gel is to keep things dry. Perth, being amongst the largest cities of Australia, sees a lot of business on a daily basis. This business or selling of goods is incomplete without the protection of Silica gel packets in most cases. Most of us throw these packets of silica gel, once we start using our new purchase. But, silica gel is an important material that must be kept handy in order to keep a host of other things protected.

How can it absorb moisture?

For anyone to be able to comprehend the uses of silica gel, it is mandatory to understand the construct. Silica gel is the porous form of Silicon dioxide that comes in various forms and is used to control humidity. It is also extremely tough owing to its complex construct.

The many uses:

Silica gel has different uses. But all of these uses revolve around its unique property to control humidity or moisture content. Here are a few suggestions on the different uses of silica gel packets that come into your homes with your new purchases,

1. Use it for your camera

The camera and its casing are a very expensive set of equipments. The camera casing often succumbs to problems like condensation which ends up ruining the entire equipment. It is important to keep this set-up dry. When placed strategically in the camera casing, these silica packets absorb moisture and keep your equipments dry.

2. Bans Oxidation

The silica gel packets kept in your toolboxes can help keep oxidation at bay. Most of the tool boxes come out of the cupboards once in a blue moon. But the time that they are in a closed compartment, the tools run a high risk of becoming oxidized or rusted due to the moisture exposure. Tossing silica gel packets is the best way to avoid this problem from running your equipments.

3. Dry the cell phone

Unfortunate accidents where the mobile phone is a victim of excessive water exposure are not uncommon. But once the mobile phone is wet, you will need to act fast, if you want to save the device. First of all, remove the battery and memory cards. Now use silica gel packets to dry the phone. Yes! Simply putting the phone in a bowl full of silica gel packets can dry it over the night. We don't guarantee a miracle, but this trick has helped save a lot of mobile phones.

4. Protect the luggage

Travel may not always be completely secure. After all, luggage spills or sudden rainfall are some of the common problems that travelers face. To keep your luggage safe and dry in such dire situations, just toss a few silica gel packets and you are guaranteed to have a decent water fighting ability.

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