Uses for this SOFTOUCH Golf finger sleeves product

By: Max Webster

We've had extremely positive feedback with the Softouch finger sleeves product and golf players who are afflicted by arthritis. Customers have reported back to us stating that after a game of golf they would encounter swelling and excessive pain in the joints from gripping the club. After being introduced to the finger sleeves they found a significant reduction in swelling and no extra pain in the joints due to the fact that less gripping strength is necessary to obtain equivalent results as playing without them. It is important when selecting a finger sleeve size to be sure that it is taut however not so constricted as to reduce circulation. Our finger sleeve sizes coincide with the typical golf glove size, due to the eight way stretch material used on the top of the finger sleeve it allows for some deviation. To provide an example a men's medium would additionally fit the common medium large glove size.
For the golfer who spends a lot of time on driving ranges going through numerous buckets will discover points on the ungloved hand which will become raw or blistered. We have all witnessed many players who are required to tape their fingers to try and alleviate any further irritation. The necessity for tape is not required; Softouch finger sleeves are designed to alleviate exactly those tribulations at the same time as retaining a comfortable golf glove experience. The Softouch finger sleeve product comes in both men's and ladies sizes, and is on the market in "Long Sleeves" and "Short Sleeves" formats. The length of sleeve required or used is totally up to the individual player's personal preference and personal requirements; the whole intent is to "Wear The Glove Where You Need It".
For the novice golfer the Softouch finger sleeves are fantastic in several ways, primarily because inexperienced persons are inclined to grip the club too tight experiencing finger irritation on the ungloved hand very quickly and finger sleeves will take care of that. Secondly wearing the finger sleeves helps on gripping and can help the novice player induce a lighter grip on the trailing hand.
Many average amateur golfers have found that when wearing Softouch finger sleeves it helps with club head stability on impact due to the extra grip and being an asset to attaining that ever elusive light touch. On many occasions assisting on straightening up enormous slices as well as hooks.
Our product makes use of the best quality of Nappa leather which is extremely soft however durable (0.6 - 0.8mm) with a smooth finish plus suede interior for the palm surface of the finger sleeve. For the top of a finger sleeve we utilize a wick away eight way stretch fabric allowing the finger to breathe at the same time as maintaining a snug comfortable fit. This material can be dyed to any customized color which might fit your needs for branding purposes. Custom orders of materials are available upon request; feel free to e-mail or phone us with your applications and needs.
For retail and large bulk orders loose packaging is available upon request, with this format the finger sleeves are not packaged in pairs. For further inquiries please contact [email protected]

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