Useful tips for cork floor installation

By: Vikram Kuamr

There is no doubt to the fact that cork floors boast of being among the hottest types of flooring materials available out there today. While cork tiles could be a little bit more expensive compared to other types of flooring materials, the many advantages of cork flooring usually compensates this price difference. Installation of this floor is also easy and you just need to have some little knowledge and basic building skills and you will even manage to save on the cost of having a professional install the floor for you. Here are some few tips about cork floor installation that will truly help you a lot in your efforts of fixing this floor at your house.

Generally speaking, cork flooring tiles are available in two main types on the market, i.e. the floating cork floor tiles and the regular cork tiles. Here is a look at the best way to install these floors and be able to get the most out of them.

Installation of regular cork floor tiles

The regular tiles of cork flooring are essentially those whose sides do not feature fitting groves. Those that have these groves are known as floating floors and you can bet that a different process is followed during the installation of these floors. Before buying the tiles, it is essential that you measure where you intend to install them and make sure that you have the right measurements. In fact, this is the first and most important step of cork floor installation that must never be overlooked. If it is your first time to do the installation, you might consider ordering more tiles and you shouldn’t worry about excess tiles as you can cut them into coasters or use them as pinup boards.

It is also important that cork tiles are installed on a smooth floor area that is well leveled up. Any excess wood or concrete should be removed by carefully sanding the area. The holes need to be covered with patching compounds and before you undertake the actual installation, ensure that the area has no debris for the best results.

Installation of floating cork floors

The flooring floors should be used in case the subfloor in question is too damaged such that regular installation is nor possible or there is moisture like in concrete floors. This type of cork floor installation requires that you are very careful and the tiles should be laid starting from the far end area of the door. If you must use underlayment, the best one to use is plywood and don’t use hardboards or particleboards. You should only use the DIY approach of installing the cork floor if you have the relevant knowledge and knowhow of how to do it otherwise you should hire a professional to do the installation.

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Complete and successful cork floor installation requires that the most appropriate type of coating us used. When properly installed, cork tiles are the best kind of floor that you can have at your home.

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