Used Cars arenít as Bad as Thought to Be

By: M Karmali

Until about the 1960s, very few cars ended up in junkyards. That is because it was the era of classic cars and people bought them for keeps, not for use and throw, even when they were fuel guzzlers and incurred high costs in repairs and maintenance. Another reason for fewer cars in junkyards was most families owned only one car. The cars of that era are now collectibles.

Things began to change post 1970s. The increased purchasing power coupled with arrival of cheaper, fuel-efficient and safe and powerful cars enabled people to own one car too many. Now each adult member of a family had a car each, especially in the U.S. The Japanese car industry began to dump affordable cars by millions to fulfill the endless appetite for new models of cars.

Today, the car is the most common form of transport in many countries. Rather than solving the problems of transport, cars have created more problems. Because there are now so many of them on the roads, the world's cities have become clogged with traffic, and the air that many of us breathe is poisoned with traffic fumes.

People are buying and dumping cars like clothes. Due to easy availability of finance, people are tempted to buy new models. Sometimes, the cost of a new car is less than what you incur in maintaining the old one. The junkyards, especially those in the USA are filled with scrap cars to the brim. Although most metals are recycled, the rate of scrap generation is more than what the recycle industry can handle.

In recent years, there have been many debates on the issues of global warming, recycle and reuse. Fueled by global recession, there has been renewed interest in used cars. Talking of Australia, there is a huge market of used cars in Sydney. Contrary of popular thinking (barring a few cheapest models), cars are meant for years of continuous service if you maintain them well, that is. A few change of crucial parts and the runs as good as new.

The biggest benefit of buying used cars, apart from bargain cost is you can get the model of your choice. If you are fortunate, you can lay hands on a particular model you have been seeking for long. And you need not move out of the home for the purpose; just log in the Internet and look into few sites dealing with used car sales in Sydney.

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