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Are you ready to earn some extra cash? I bet you are. Heres what you have to do go to your room and make a thorough scan of all the old CDs that are unwanted and scattered all over. Collect them all and put them in a box so you dont have to search for them again. Now you get cash for CDs. Isnt it simple? And you never knew you had treasure lying all over the place. Before you knew it, you must have thrown many of them or had given to friends for free who themselves would have thrown them by now. We all loved the simple computer games when we were children, but now as we have grown up we are more exposed to new and exciting games that have made our childhood games outdated and boring. Well this is what you think and not the other people. There are many young children of the same age when we bought those games and they still like those games. So why waste the moment and keep those CDs in the house with no use? You just need to sell games for cash UK and let others enjoy playing what you have already enjoyed.

Now that you have discovered that your games can be sold for cash you need to know where do you sell them. Well the answer to it is really simple, the internet. It is an amazing source to generate income and as you sit inside the comforts of your home you need to just go to your computer and connect to a site that buys CDs. Here you can sell all your games and earn cash for all the treasures you had collected before. You get cash for CDs instantly if you have an online account, but if you do not have one then you could choose the option for the check to be sent home. You can then cash the check and get your amount from the bank specified in the instructions. Before selling the CDs online make sure of the following so that you do not have to face any claims later.

1. CDs should be working fine
2. CDs should be in their original covers
3. The instruction manuals or the guide books that came along should be available

The process of the websites is really simple as you have to just enter the serial number of the CD and it automatically generates the value of the CD. You get to know what your CDs are worth in an instant. Just sell games for cash UK on the internet and as you get the money head out to the market and buy the brand new game you had been wanting to buy but were short of money. Now that you have bought a new game CD just be careful not to damage it when you play, and you could sell even this one in the future and earn another check to buy the yet another latest release.

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