Use the Law of Attraction to Become the Creator of Your Life!

By: Bob Proctor

James Allen had a famous saying "You don't get what you want you get what you ARE"
Within you lies rich resources that are dormant within you. Developing what lies inside you will cause the manifestation of material prosperity, the ability to create healthy, giving relationships and result in successful endeavors in whatever you choose to DO.
You simply must Decide what it is you want..... Ask, believing that you will receive it.... and then Open up and gratefully receive it.
If it is that simple, then why aren't more people wealthy or even gratified about the shape their lives are in? The answer is most people don't take personal responsibility for their present results. They believe that the cause for their current results lies outside of themselves, the result of circumstances they have no control over. Most people don't understand one of the most important laws of life- the Law of Attraction: You attract to you everything that is in harmonious vibration with you.
To understand the Law of Attraction, you need to understand its underlying counterpart, The Law of Vibration. The Law of Vibration says that EVERYTHING vibrates (everything moves). Everything ever created - from the smallest molecule to the largest mammal - is in a constant state of motion. What looks solid is not. Even concrete, glass and steel is energy in constant motion. We are surrounded by an ocean of motion!
Your body, then, is energy in a high speed of vibration, fed by thoughts and impulses from your brain. As an object, your brain cannot actually think BUT you think with your brain. Albert Einstein's brain maybe kept in a jar somewhere in New Jersey; however, it cannot do anyone any good because Albert is not with it! It was the moving energy into his brain and what he chose to DO with that flow that changed the world and made Albert's "brain" famous.
How can YOU become the next Einstein? As soon as you CHOOSE certain thoughts, you brain cells are affected. These cells vibrate and send off electromagnetic waves. When you focus on these thoughts, you increase the amplitude of the vibration of those cells. In turn, those vibrational "waves" become much more potent.
You need to understand that it is YOU who is originating those electric waves, and it is YOU determining their density by your own free will and degree of concentration. When YOU originate these waves, your Mind and Body will move into a particular vibration. Therefore, the thoughts YOU think and internalize (get emotionally connected with) control the vibration you are in. As you become conscious of this vibration, you recognize this as how you are "feeling."
Most people lack the awareness of the connection between their "feelings", what they ATTRACT to themselves, and the RESULTS they obtain in their life. This can be a significant disconnect. The vibration (or "feeling") you are in causes action. And that action produces the very results you are presently getting! Once you comprehend the Law of Attraction, you understand that YOU have the ability to change your vibrational field that, in turn, produces the results you desire - in your life!
People tend to allow the outside world to control their inside world. You need to switch that thinking. Your thoughts determine what you attract! You've got to let the inside world take charge of the outside world!
Dedicate time each day to monitor what is happening in your mind ... what are you thinking about? How is that making you feel? If you don't feel the way you want to feel, begin, instead, to visualize what you want instead of what you don't want. This will instantly change your vibration. When your vibration changes, your results will follow that upward flow.
Let's begin to employ the Law of Attraction in your favor: To start, take a good look at the results your are achieving in your life. When you read these questions, mentally record the answers in your mind:
How healthy is your body? What do you THINK of your body? What kind of relationships do you have? Are you in love? What are your friends like? How do you communicate with family members? What is your income? What is your business like?
The thoughts you just thought . . . the answers that surfaced before you could stop them . . . are responsible for programming your current results!
To change the results your are currently getting in your life, you need to change your thoughts. Simply stated, that is what the Law of Attraction is ALL about.
Nothing happens by accident. This is an orderly universe. The images you plant in your mind instantly create an attractive force, which determines your results in life. You are a living, breathing magnet. As you read this article.... People ... Circumstances ... Conditions and things - are marching to you like obedient soldiers to aid in the manifestation of your images. Wouldn't you prefer those soldiers aiding you in achieving of positive images?
The key to achieving the results you desire is always attached TO you through the Law of Attraction. That is the real SECRET!
By getting into a harmonious vibration with the good you desire, and STAYING in that positive vibration you will attract whatever you need for your health, happiness, abundance and prosperity!
Bob Proctor is widely regarded as one of the living masters and teachers of The Secret. He is the best selling author of You Were Born Rich, and has transformed the lives of millions through his books, seminars, courses and personal coaching spanning the last 40 years.
Great learning is passed down through the ages by extraordinary teachers of each generation. The proverbial torch was passed from Andrew Carnegie to Napoleon Hill, from Hill to Earl Nightingale, from Nightingale to Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor has worked in the field of human mind potential for over 40 years. He travels the world helping companies and people create lives of prosperity and abundance.

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