Use apt system to measure employee performance in your office to get maximum output

By: Chris Schultz

The answer that generally comes is "Nothing". Generally nothing is done seriously to force the manager to work in time. Managers regularly ascertain that it is easier and better to put effort on other office works rather than spending time to measure employee performance in the office.

Managers are never in a position or never willing to explain the reason for delay of salary increase. The situation becomes aggravated if the delay is simply due to the negligence of the manager who failed to submit the evaluation record of the performance of the employee.

Always try to make it sure that there is at least a genuine reason for not receiving the performance evaluation and appraisals on time. For example, keeping in custody the salary increase of the employees pending, hampers the motivation of an employee and hence manager may have some great encouragement for preparing the appraisal records completed within time. This is more effective if the HR Department has the power to turn down the opportunity of the employees to get a salary hike. If the managers get proper incentives, then they will definitely submit all of them on time.

It is not the fact that the line managers are only responsible to measure his employee performance appraisals in time. But the HR manager must also confirm that the management of the performance of his employees follows the top system. The assessment forms must always reveal the nature of the employee’s job; in a proper assessment form the managers will be able to evaluate properly all of the delicate essentials of behaviors and results both. Proper training and proper maintenance should also be offered. The expectations should also be crystal clear. During the course of the year, performance of the employee should be centered on achieving the objectives, targets and key accountabilities of the work. The manager offers the required coaching and also gives feedback to the worker so that they can increase the prospects of success and builds the circumstances that encourage and dissolve any performance related problems that arise.

Without all these systematic work, the HR needs to bear the major responsibility that has occurred simply due to lack of a proper employee performance management system.

Try to provide moderate reminders to the managers. If the managers are reminded well time ahead of the last date, then it is surely going to work. For this purpose there may be online systems to remind the manager. A properly designed system that can be operated online will help the managers to get reminder of the task easily.

Though the HR's job is to measure employee performance, it is also undeniable that the managers who are senior in a company also hold a number of accountabilities to take care of the company's outlook for the performance of its employees and to maintain the time-frames properly.

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