Use a snoring aid and help your partners sleepless nights fade!

By: Mick Burrows

!P>Although snoring may be common, it has to be stressed that it is not normal. It is always a sign of some degree of airway obstruction. Everybody probably snores at some time, for any number of reasons, such as: obesity; nasal congestion; excess fatigue and central nervous system depressants. It will however, usually self-correct. If you do tend to snore regularly, as a rule, there will be an underlying cause. More often than not, snoring occurs when a person sleeps face up, as the tongue is most likely to slide toward the throat and block air flow. A simple home made remedy is to sew or tape a tennis ball or even marble on to the back of the ‘culprits’ pyjama top; which forces them to sleep on their side. Nose braces have been available for more than 25 years and seem to offer safe and effective results, but like anything else, these do not agree with everybody. Slimming frequently proves helpful, but depends on the sufferers will power. The market place is over-loaded with potential cures, or at the very least relievers, but obviously not every one will work for you. It maybe a case of trial and error, although those that come in the style of a throat spray seem to have an excellent success rate. They work by softening the tissues of the palate to reduce the vibrations. They contain a blend of natural oils and vitamins which help to open up the airways. Medicinal remedies are also available as over the counter drugs, to be sold without a doctor's prescription. Nasal strips are very popular and do seem to help. They are obtainable under several trade names and are applied between the bridge and end of the nose, and work by gradually opening the nasal passages; but as a cautionary note they should not be used over any open wound, or if the skin is irritated. Heavy drinkers, or more to the point, their sleep partners, suffer quite significantly from snoring. Recommendations regarding this are easier said than done. It is suggested that it should be avoided up to 4 hours before settling down for the night, but that’s not much use if you’re partying until the early hours! One thing you should definitely avoid is sleeping pills. They may make you sleep, but anything that relaxes the tissues around the head and neck will tend to make snoring worse and consequently keep your partner awake. So, if your effectively knocked out, there will be not stirring you and you’ll probably awaken to find them either in the spare room, on the settee, or possibly even out of the house altogether!

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