Use a Pond UV Filter to Control Algae

By: Jhoana_Cooper

Is the color of your pond water green due to blooming algae? Then you are probably not using a pond UV filter or a pond UV clarifier. If you say you are already using one then perhaps you have not changed the UV bulbs of late. No other pond light might be as necessary to light up your pond but a UV light is required for any garden pond to keep the growth of algae under check. A certain amount of algae can be beneficial to a pond especially if you have fish in it and they need camouflage to hide behind from their predators like birds.

Too much of algae which multiplies at a fast rate can ruin your pond and affect the pH and oxygen levels in your pond. And if you leave it untreated, it can be very bad for your fish. Oxygen is absolutely necessary for converting the ammonia into nitrites which are eventually turned into nitrates by the nitrifying bacteria. Better than decorating your pond with many a pond light, make sure that you have a pond UV filter to control the growth of bacteria in your pond.

The best way to keep your pond algae under check is by using a pond UV filter also known as a UV clarifier, UV light or just a UV. Some people prefer to use a pond algaecide but I wouldn’t recommend using those as they can mess with the quality of water, causing death to your fish and even the nitrifying bacteria. You can choose a submersible pond light to light up certain items in your pond or you can use external pond lights to light up the pathway to and around your pond.

The strength of UV light that is produced at a certain wavelength is a wonder for pond keepers. UV light occurs naturally and it is the main reason why we get sunburned while on holiday. How effective a pond UV filter is depends mainly on the temperature. It works best at 40C. Normally, a unit placed in the pond works at whatever temperature the water is so if there is a drop in temperature the efficiency drops as well. The manufacturers of pond light filters overcome this problem by insulating the lamp from cold water temperatures with the help of a quartz sleeve. Quartz transmits UV light better than glass does and hence it is used to manufacture the pond UV filter. Some manufacturers also use plastic for the sleeve so make sure you don’t buy one like that.

The UV pond light or pond UV filter kills the microscopic algae by damaging the cell walls resulting in flocculation which is a process in which the dead algae get clumped together to form a huge mass. The mass is then too big to go through the filtration systems and is then trapped and removed from the pond.

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