Use Subliminal Messaging To Root Out Your Addictions

By: Gregory Frost

When we are talking about addictions, there are many ways to really describe it and to pin the tail on the donkey, the actual root of your addiction is actually in your mind. How so? Well this is because the five senses is closely entwined with many of the brains and the body's function, which comes from the cerebral cortex of the mind. Anything that we do that affects our senses (basically everything that we do in our life) will be experienced in the mind itself, and this includes being exposed to drugs, stimulants and alcohol. Let this article give you an example of how an addiction develops in the mind and let us look at the most basic of addictions all over the world.
This is smoking, a multi billion dollar a year industry that ropes in hundreds and millions of smokers all over the world. Why such a large number? Why are there so many people in the world smoking when there is no tangible need for smoking or even nicotine in the body. This is because of the initial reaction that you have to a cigarette and nicotine releases many chemicals in the body. Soon, you will akin nicotine with pleasure and once that happens, then the trap is set. The subconscious mind will slowly akin this pleasure to a need, and once the line blurs between them, you then come into the position that tells your brain and your body that you 'need' nicotine.
When this happens, your subconscious mind actually places this drug and this action within the needs cycle of the body. Just like water and food, it seems that your body needs nicotine to survive, although this is not the case. Then when this happens, you will be then come full circle into your addiction and you will find yourself smoking more and more often then ever before. Now this is how addiction gets rooted in the brain and the only way that you can successfully root it out is to use subliminal messaging. What this technology does is that it uses the same methodology, almost like a reverse engineering process where it by passes the critical mind and inserts positive messages straight into the subconscious. Now this is where the actual messages are, messages that tell you that you need to smoke and you need to light up.
What you can do is insert messages telling yourself that you do not need to smoke. With continued exposure to subliminal messaging, coupled with reduced use therapy, you will be able to get rid of the problem within a few weeks. This will be much faster and more effective than other methods because it erases all vestiges of the addiction from your brain. With this, you will be free of your addiction for ever. This technology will be available online, and you will only have to pay a small price to save you your money and of course in the long run, your life.

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