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By: Gen Wright

How often do you feel that 24 hours a day is no longer enough for you to finish up your chores? The clock is ticking at the usual pace but you still have loads of jobs waiting on your desk.

This indicates that you need better time management skills to improve yourself. As simple as typing "time management skills" on the internet search toolbar, you'll find tonnes of self-help websites that provide good time management skills.

Majority of the self-help websites will first teach you how to identify your time management skills - whether you are procrastinating, or you simply have too much task to handle per day.

List down your daily routine and match your schedule with the examples stated in the website. Pinpoint on what is causing you to have poor time management habits and read on for further improvement tips.

Take out another piece of paper and scribble down your desired schedule. Include the time needed to rest, work and spend time with your family.

Divide the 24 hours to a reasonable ratio and you have just formed a new schedule. If you still have time-scarcity, question yourself on the root cause and try to be more realistic in dividing up your time and compromise by allocating more time to that particular task.

Do not procrastinate - this is another strict rule to follow. Some of us tend to delay our tasks to a different day and when we do so, the task gets accumulated.

That is when people start to complaint that they have too much work and too few hours in a day. Learn the best time management in the workplace skills so that you can finish your daily chores and have a chance to start all fresh again the next day.

As Helene Malmsio from Time Management in the Workplace website says "Ensure that you have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish in your working day and be realistic! You will do yourself no favours by trying to complete a week's worth of work in one day. All you will accomplish if you try this technique is a big ball of stress in your stomach and a headache to go with it."

Learning time management in the workplace is actually not a difficult. It may take time but once you've mastered the necessary self help skills, you will feel less pressured and be able to work much better. You need to focus your energy on one task at a given time. This gives you the maximum concentration and working capacity to produce a better job.

Sometimes, you may end up with unexpected workload when your colleague or superior needs a last minute favor. Arrange your workload in line with the expected deadline and complexity of task. You will find yourself less overwhelmed as you work on one task at a time.

These self-help websites comes with a lot of information that will help people to improve themselves, and most of them do not require you to pay a single penny!

Effective management is now just a click away!

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