Use Perlite In The Construction Of Your House Today And Enjoy Its Benefits!

By: Ernie Dillard

The roofing installed in a house is a very important component of the entire structure. To be able to serve its purpose of providing the proverbial “roof over my head”, a house's roofing needs to be installed correctly. Besides correct installation, it is also necessary to build the roof using the right roofing materials. One of the most effective roofing materials on the market today is perlite. Perlite is growing in demand because of being economical. Also it is widely used in construction and manufacturing field.

A volcanic glass, perlite has very high water content in it. The material also has a high heat capacity and expansive capability, making it suitable for use in the construction business and in manufacture of various building materials. Besides construction, the material is also used in horticulture since it has a high water retention rate, which makes it perfect for farming. This article discusses the benefits of using perlite in the construction of houses.


As already discussed, perlite has a high water retention rate. One of the characteristics of water is that it absorbs sound well. Therefore, as sound travels through perlite, it is absorbed and distorted. This makes the material highly suitable for constructing soundproofed walls in houses. If you are employed in the music industry or any other industry that produces loud noises, constructing your buildings using perlite is a good way to stop yourself from being a menace to your neighbors.

Heat control

Heating systems in homes consume a huge amount of power contributing a great deal to the high bills paid. One way of reducing this is reducing the effects of environmental conditions to the house's interiors. If you can keep the hot air out in summer and cold air out in winter, then you're a/c system will not consume much power. Perlite does not conduct heat making it a suitable insulating material in the construction of homes.

Fire resistance

Some of the systems found in homes pose a great danger of fire that could burn up the entire property, possibly even causing loss of life. One of the reasons why fire causes so much destruction is because most of the building materials will catch fire. This spreads the inferno throughout the house causing great damage. However, perlite is a non-combustible material and therefore does not catch fire. When the flames have nothing to burn, they will die out.

Resistant to pests

Many homeowners have to deal with the annoyance of pests such as cockroaches and rodents infesting their homes. Perlite is resistant to these pests, reducing the stress they cause homeowners to undergo. It is also resistant to growths such as mold. Mold has been a big threat in most homes constructed using conventional materials such as wood. Whenever these materials come into contact with water, they yield a great environment for mold to grow. However, this is not the case for perlite. Perlite can be used on a variety of surfaces in home. These include the floor, the walls and roofs. All in all, the homeowner will enjoy numerous benefits!

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For information on installation, cost and other benefits of perlite installation, one should contact professional installers who have experience in this field.

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