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Homeopathy is an alternative medicine which was first created in the year 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann based on the theory of “like cures like” which means that a substance which is causing disease in a healthy person cures those symptoms in a sick person. He has also come up new models on how people would get sick representing the imbalance that was both individual and totalizing. So the remedies are also based on the symptoms of the patient and their individual characteristics but with millions of substances being considered for remedy it is really difficult for the homeopathy practitioners to go through materia medica and hence a new system of homeopathic software online has been developed by Dr. Candegabe that uses mathematical algorithms to derive the remedies for different symptoms of the patient.

This best homeopathic software is based on striking a relationship between the total symptoms and vital imbalance of the patient to the numerical phonetic properties of the substances to derive a numerical phonetic code as a new standard for identifying the correct remedies. You can use this software to further enhance your in-depth knowledge regarding the remedy substances and however to understand the operation of this software you can actually go through the demo version before downloading the homeopathic software online.

The demo shows the homeopathic algorithm in action on how to use the phonetic code of the patient and substance to derive the remedy substance for treating a disease. All you need is to enter the name, last name, nick name, initials, date of birth and place of birth which derives the impregnancy symmetry of the patient with the dynamism of animal, vegetable or mineral depending on which the remedy substances are derived by the algorithm that suit to the individual personality of the patient. However, this mathematical algorithm concept based on the phonetic code should only be used to enrich the classical methodology of taking down a case but is in no way a substitute and helps the homeopathy practitioners to assess their findings by comparing with the results using this algorithm homeopathy software online.

Once you are satisfied with the demo you can download the software by paying the credits to get your pack also availing some discounts offered online. By using this algorithm you can come up with more accurate remedies that are individualized for the patient to achieve better results in treating the symptoms of the sick people.

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