Use Fresh Mineral Makeup for Healthy Skin

By: Chris Robertson

Many of the cosmetics that claim to protect your skin actually contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals can dry your skin and add toxins to your body. That's why it's important to use only all natural mineral makeup.

Pure mineral makeup is natural because it contains no synthetic preservatives, dyes, or fragrances that can harm your skin. Because the raw materials are inert, they do not support the growth of bacteria, mold, or fungus. Unlike most commercial lipsticks, all natural lipsticks do not contain cancer-causing lead. Silicone, which can clog your pores, is absent in natural mineral foundation.

To make natural mineral makeup, select minerals from around the world are extracted from the earth and refined to remove any heavy metals. They are then ground into small particles and coated with other natural minerals to prepare them for cosmetic use. Certain minerals have properties that do not support healthy skin; these are not used in all natural mineral cosmetics.

In addition to promoting healthy skin, many of the ingredients in natural mineral makeup have special properties. For example, zinc oxide is a nature anti-inflammatory, which makes it ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin. And titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural and effective sun blocks.

Mineral makeup is typically water resistant and long lasting, which means you don't have to reapply it frequently, even if you live in hot and humid climates or are physically active. Because it doesn't promote acne and doesn't contain oils, you can even sleep in it.

Even though coverage with natural mineral cosmetics is lightweight, it is complement. This is an excellent property for people for people with skin discoloration, hyper pigmentation, rosacea, or acne.

Because pure mineral makeup is different than conventional cosmetics, you have to apply it differently. First of all, it is very important to use a high quality natural bristle cosmetic brush to apply foundation. A flat top brush with a high density of short, firm, and soft natural bristles is ideal. If you use a synthetic brush the minerals may not adhere to the brush. If the brush is not dense enough it won't be able to buff the minerals to get the smooth appearance.

Start by cleaning and moisturizing your face. Your skin should feel soft and supple. If you don't moisturize, the minerals may look flaky. Spread power firmly and evenly on clean, dry skin. Move your brush in a gentle circular motion. There is little if any filler you will probably need to use less product than you are used to. Try a little on one cheek and buff it well become you apply more. By buffing with the brush, you will bring out the qualities of the minerals, giving your skin a smooth and silky appearance.

You do not need a separate conceal to cover blemishes. Just use a shadow brush to apply a small amount to the problem area, then buff well with your flat top foundation brush. The soft, luminous textures of all natural cosmetics help conceal skin imperfections naturally.

Natural mineral cosmetics help soothe and protect your skin while leaving it looking smooth and silky. They are the smart choice for health and beauty conscious women.

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