Use For Old Nursing Uniforms

By: Sarah Carlye

There comes a time when no matter how good you take care of your uniform, you will need to replace your old nursing uniform. You can go to All Uniform Wear to replace old and worn uniforms with high quality affordable nursing uniforms. After your new uniform is delivered you will need to do something with your old uniforms. There are ways to give your old uniform a second life.

Individually, some of the signs that your nursing uniform needs to be replaced may not be cause to immediately replace it. Some things can be repaired. If you can afford to get a new nursing uniform before it is so worn out you cannot wear it any longer, the old uniform can be used as a backup uniform. Signs your uniform is worn or needs replacing:

• Frayed edges and seams
• Holes from wear or washing
• Thinned areas
• Stains that cannot be removed
• Torn button holes
• Missing fasteners
• Outdated in style
• No longer meets facility standards

The following are some ideas for things to do with old nursing uniforms that need to be replaced:

DONATE-if your uniform is still in good condition, but you need a different uniform due to changes in the facility’s uniform standards or due to a change in position, you can donate your nursing uniform. There are women’s shelters that accept donations and other organizations that will accept old uniforms in good shape. Older uniforms are accepted by almost any clothing donation center. If by word of mouth, you find someone in the nursing field in need who can use the uniform you can donate it directly to that person.

KEEP FOR A BACKUP UNIFORM-if your uniform is still in good shape, but you replaced it because it was a little out of style or you were just tired of wearing it, then save it for a backup uniform. You can keep it at work in your locker or in your trunk if you don’t have room in your locker. It will come in handy of your uniform becomes soiled at work and cannot be worn the remainder of your shift. Store the back up nursing uniform in a zip lock plastic bag, so that when you change, the soiled uniform can be put in the bag. This will keep the mess and odor from contaminating other surfaces until the stain and odor can be removed.

WEAR FOR CLEANING-old uniforms are comfortable to wear and will work well for cleaning around the house. They can also be worn when doing messy work like painting, yard work, and auto repair.

When buying a new nursing uniform because the old one is worn out or outdated give it a second life with one of the suggestions above and then go to All Uniform Wear. They have a full line of medical uniforms, including a wide selection of nursing uniforms for both men and women. You can also go to to see their full line of uniforms.

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