Use Dog Clothes to Help you Bond with Your New Dog

By: Connie Limon

There are over 65 million dogs in the United States. Every one of them is special. Whether your dog is the family pet or a Westminster champion, you have an awesome treasure. There is no other creature as close and integrated into the human psyche and human culture as the dog. A family dog eats in the kitchen and sleeps in the bedroom. He munches on snacks as he watches television with his owners. Some of these dogs get their toenails painted pink and red.

Your dog is special. He probably is the most beautiful dog you ever seen and quite possibly the most beautiful on the earth to you. He amuses you. He charms you. He makes you laugh when your friends have made you cry. Your dog will never grow up, go to college, get married or get a job. Your mischievous little puppy will hang around your house until he is old and maybe a bit senile. He will always be your little boy or your little girl.

It is quite normal to want to dress up your dog in the latest of designer dog clothes and accessories. It is normal to want to have that perfect carrier for your little pal to take him along on shopping trips and everywhere you can. You miss him when he is left behind.

Today we have a wide variety of choices in dog fashions. The toy dogs especially look cute in little dog clothes, but the bigger dogs can look just as cute and fancy. There is something for every breed and every size of dog in dog clothing.

Dogs are wonderful, adaptable, amazing animals. As long as the clothing is restrictive, most dogs love the extra attention of getting dressed up. Good dogs can be found anywhere. Bad dogs can be found anywhere. You can find a good dog from responsible breeders, irresponsible breeders, backyard breeders, shelters, rescue organizations, neighbors, newspaper ads, relatives, pet stores, the alley or the highway in front of your house. Wherever you get your dog, once he finds out you are his friend and not his foe, putting a warm fleece t-shirt on him in the chilly weather only makes him feel more at home and secure with you, which in turn, can help to mold him into the “good dog” you want him to be. A good dog often times begins with a good owner regardless of where you get your dog..

As a dog owner, you can expect to deal with housetraining mistakes, chewing, nipping, health crises, digging, and barking regardless of where you obtained your dog. Very few dogs will present you with all these problems, but no dog is trouble-free. Don’t let that scare you. The good far outweighs the bad. Acquire some good dog keeping skills. This will require action, resolving problems, planning and some sacrifice.

Somehow dogs seem to know which owners are committed to them and which aren’t. Dressing up your dog in designer dog clothes is a very powerful way of showing commitment to your 4-legged best friend. Putting a tiny dog dress on your toy dog is a terrific way to get started on the right foot toward dog owner success. Try it and see the difference in can make in your relationship with your dog.

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