Unveiling the Magical World of 3D Animation

By: Rosy David

3D animations present a world of fantasy, magic and creativity. Although the term animation has been revolving for over a few decades, the concept of 3-dimension is relatively new and holds mystical appeal amongst its audience. The world has been witnessing episodes of animated cartoon, media commercials and internet animation but there is a lot that goes behind the final output. 3D visualization assumes a lot of significance because the result is often governed by conceptualization and planning. Original animated content takes a lot of time, creativity and effort and high quality software to reflect the creations of the expert in precise terms.

Understanding 3D Animation

3D modeling and animation involves the creation of moving pictures and images in a 3-dimensional digital environment. Although the concept is explained in simper terms, the process is often complex and challenging. First and foremost, a 3D model is created using 3D software. The quality of the model is dependent upon the quality of the software and expertise of the creator. The 3D model is thereafter meticulously manipulated to export image sequences to create the illusion of animation. The kind of manipulation determines the extent and magnitude of motion or animation. The simple logic behind this concept is that human eyes tend to perceive and believe that the portrayed pictures are moving but in fact, they are just a sequence of pictures that are passed very quickly.

Differences between 2D and 3D

While both 2D and 3D inherently adopt the same concept, there is a distinct difference between the two technologies. 2D animation is conventional wherein every single change in a sequence of pictures is carefully hand drawn and then played back sequentially to create the illusion of movement. This process is laborious and sometimes not so accurate as 3D. But in 3-dimension animation, drawing, exporting and just about everything is handled by powerful and advanced software. Therefore, this technology is a lot more immaculate and efficient.

So to put things in perspective, 2D refers to a painting and 3D refers to a sculpture. The added element of depth renders a differentiation between the two technologies. 3D offers tangibility, increased credibility and portrays a more life-like image when compared to 2D. 3D animation therefore involves the process of creation of 3D models that are the objects in a specific scene; layout that explains the location and positioning of the various objects and rendering that explains the final result. There are numerous 3D animation software in the market. Some are cheaper than the others. In order to get flawless and perfect output, you need to use the best software.

3D animations refer to a complex technical subject that involves the creation and execution of numerous components. The most advanced motion picture technology revolves around the use of 3D animation software to create movies that inspire awe and magic.

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