Unusual "Business Model"

By: Tim McCoy

I've never been to an event when someone hasn't come up to me to and say"What do you do for a living?" I use to say I had my own "Home Based Business" and just leave it at that. I was at a party a couple of years ago and I got asked the same old question and my wife jumped in and answered "Oh, He sells stuff on the internet!" It was like magic . . . in about 10 minutes I had at least 6 people begging me to tell them what I did and how I did it.
One of the guys at this party was a VP of a local remoldeling company. He says "How do you get customers off the web?" I told him that it involved a lot of research, SEO and SEM. He looked at me like I had two heads! It was kind of funny, now that I look back on it.
A couple of days later he calls me and starts telling me about his website. He's had it for a couple of years and he is sorry he ever got it because he rarely gets even a call off of it, let alone any jobs. He wanted to know if I could help him.
Normally I wouldn't touch this kind of project because I have enough to do just keeeping up with my own marketing business, but I agreed to look at his site and meet with him.
Fast forwarding 3 months later he is getting on average of 6 calls a week and 2 of them are converted to jobs. . . all off the website he was sorry he had. My time involved was about 12 - 18 hours and I still maintain his websites traffic which takes me about a half hour each month.
Boring, Right? Yes it is except when you think of the big picture. I now do this for 6 other small companies in my neighborhood. They all came by word of mouth, believe it or not! So I spend 3-5 hours a month anaylizing theses sites.
Still Boring, Right? Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I was charging a fee to do all this work for each of these businesses. The fees range from $4,750 - $15,000 a year for each company, and they are glad to pay it. In fact they pay a good deal of it up front. I have no employees and the more I do the easier it gets. You see I do a little research and I put in place a highly targeted campaign for each business. It's that simple. Over $100,000 a year from this little business.
So now every event I go to I tell everyone that I'm into SEM. That's "Search Engine Marketing." There are a hugh amount of good small business out there that have great products or services and the are just never found on the internet. Search engines want to find them, but usually their sites are not optimized and their message is too broad. The secret is to target the things that make them money and let the search engines do the rest.
How can anyone get into this overlooked niche $100,000 a year business? Simple, get SEM Blueprint.

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