Unraveling the Mystery Behind Spider Veins

By: Pamela Cobb

For many women, spider veins are a bane to their self-confidence. Instead of being able to wear short skirts and outfits that would have emphasized their long legs, they are forced to hide them instead so that no one else can see the network of red and purple veins that twist and turn and are very visible on their skin. Since time immemorial, varicose and spider veins have plagued many women and have caused many to get used to wearing pants or long skirts to hide the unsightly veins, causing a huge drop in their self-esteem and greatly affecting the way they look at themselves and how they think the world views them.

And for women who are afflicted with this problem, it is a challenge to function normally and more than just a tad disappointing not to be able to show off your assets a bit. After all, next to a great smile and personality, great-looking and smooth skin gets them very far in this world.

First off, let us define what spider veins are. Both varicose veins and spider veins are swollen blood vessels that twist and turn around commonly around the leg area but spider veins are smaller, red, purple and blue blood vessels that also twist and turn around the leg area and sometimes around the face and are quite visible on the skin especially on those who are on the paler side.

There are a number of causes for spider and varicose veins, among them heredity, occupational hazards, obesity, constant intake of hormonal medication and birth control pills and a medical history of blood clots. Sometimes, they can also be due to conditions that cause pressure on the abdomen like tumors, constipation and wearing too-tight girdles. They can also be caused by trauma or injury to the skin and overexposure to UV rays. You can browse online to learn more about other causes of spider veins beyond those already documented.

Men have it better as far as developing spider veins are concerned because it mostly happens to women. In fact, it is especially worse for women already afflicted with spider veins around certain parts of the menstrual or pregnancy cycle because this is the time they can develop swelling, deep sores and experience an increase in the darkening of the color of their skin particularly in the ankle region.

In normal cases, most experience symptoms of spider veins in the form of pain that feels like cramping in the legs, fatigue, restlessness and a burning, tingling, throbbing or feeling of heaviness in the legs. The pain caused by spider veins can often be relieved by elevating your legs or wearing special support hose. You can learn more about spider veins treatment on skin specialist sites and also to understand more about how the known treatments work.

The good news is that women have several options as far as managing and treating spider veins are concerned. These include changes in your lifestyle, wearing support stockings that are usually available in pharmacies and surgery supply stores, laser treatments and surgery just to name a few. For the slightly severe cases, radiofrequency occlusion may be considered. A small catheter that delivers radiofrequency energy to the vein wall is inserted into the vein, causing the vein wall to heat up, collapse and seal shut.

Skin specialists like Heber Davis, however, recommend another less invasive treatment known as saline sclerotherapy which they deem to be more effective and safe. This Heber Davis vein treatment has been around since the 1930s and uses a highly concentrated salt solution that is injected directly to the vein and causes the veins to disappear gradually over a period of three to six weeks approximately. It is relatively inexpensive and can be done in an outpatient setting, which is what makes it a popular choice among patients.

Even as it is considered a hereditary ailment, spider veins can actually be prevented or at least delayed from happening just by following a few simple tips. Unless you can't avoid it, it is recommended that women refrain from standing on their feet for long periods of time and if you can't avoid it, at least walk around every so often, allowing the blood in your legs to circulate.

It is also recommended that you refrain from crossing your legs for too long as this interrupts the blood flow from your heart to your legs causing the veins to weaken. Always make sure you elevate your legs whenever you sit down to at least 6 inches above your chest to encourage better circulation. Using sky-high heels are not an option and applying sunscreen is a must.

Spider veins take a lot out of you and affect the way you relate to the world and vice-versa. If you are in a quandary about how to get rid of your vein problem, view HeberDavis and consult with skin experts on how to find the best solutions to your problems without breaking the bank.

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