Unlocking a Nokia 3310

By: Mr D Stevens

The Nokia 3310 has one of the most longer lasting batteries of the Nokia series, it may not have a color monitor, an infra red port, bluetooth, radio tuning frequencies or the ability to watch and send videos or play mp3s and polyphonic ringtones, but it serves it's purpose adequately,
and for that it is regarded as a classic; and since it is an older DCT3 (Digital Cellular Technologie) model of Nokia phones, the good news is it can be unlocked remotely, without the need for a data cable that goes into the phone, while the other end is attached to a pc or hardware to unlock it.
Unlocking the Nokia 3310 is simple once you have generated the unlock code using the software, to obtain the unlock code, you would need:
i) The manufacturer (in this case Nokia)
ii) The network and country the phone is locked to
iii) The phone model (in this case 3310, however certain series such as the 3390 series would equally work with selecting 3310 as they are more or less the same phone)
iv) The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number that is unique for each phone, this is obtained by ensuring that the phone is powered on, and no call is in progress, and any dialled numbers are cleared, then pressing *#06#
You will obtain a series of codes, that start with a hash (or pound sign) you will enter each of these until you find one that works for you, it is possible the first one may not work.
Remove the simcard from the mobile phone, this is done by accessing the battery compartment, locating the simcard, may involve pressing or releasing a lever to free the simcard.
Replace the battery and switch the phone on, you should see a message stating "Insert Sim Card"
At this stage you enter all the characters from the generated code from the unlocking software (ignoring any spaces) including the hash (or pound) sign. To get a p press the star key (asterix) three times, to get a plus press the star key two times, to get a W press the star key four times.
Once you have entered an unlock code that works for the Nokia 3310 you should see a message that says "Sim is not restricted" or "Restriction off", you have approximately five tries after that the phone can only be unlocked with specialised software that would require a data cable connected to the phone and to the pc, or other specialised hardware.

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