Unlocking The Meditation Secrets For Total Awareness

By: Trevor Johnson

Meditation awakens us. During meditation we understand the whole movement of thought and feelings. The 5 meditation secrets all relates to freedom from thought and a movement in the ecstasy of Truth. Awareness is the first secret of meditation that shows us the reality of life and gives us power of patience, correct action and silence.
Meditation deals with the human mind and heart. Regular mediation shifts the focus into the centre of the chest. This centre has most powerful spiritual qualities. It creates a hunger to be free of everything. The spiritual heart that leads to self-discovery and a movement in the ecstasy of Truth is the second secret of meditation.
Meditation ends all conflict. The outer world cannot satisfy our soul with its material trappings and the third secret of meditation is an inner aspiration that gives you the stability of standing still amidst all noise. Nothing outside can touch you if you are centered in meditation.
Grace, the fourth of meditation secrets, are regarded as the devine love and kindness of God. It increases our spiritual hunger and clears obstacles in our way. It is the way to the great alchemy that changes ignorance to knowledge, disbelief into believe. Grace is one of the main dynamic forces of meditation and one of the greatest secrets of a spiritual life.
Happiness and pleasure can be 'bought' for the short-term but not bliss. Means of entertainment, people, careers, property and all other material things provide us with a very surface level of contentment. Deep within we still continue to feel discontent despite everything. Bliss is a strange everlasting sense of joy and has no motive. Once it is there, depending on the quality of your mind, it remains timeless and causeless. This is the fifth secret of meditation and not easily achieved.

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