Unleash Your Creativity As A Way To Manage Stress

By: Eddy Kong...

Stress management methods can be categorized into two. The first requires a certain level of stillness, while the other involves engaging in activities. The latter's objective is to take ones mind off the stressor. For instance, if you are constantly stressed out at work, leave work at work. Do something else over the weekend. Do fun stuff like sports, hobbies, and even video games.
Hobbies are activities that you enjoy. There is an element in hobbies that calms and relaxes us. This not only gets our mind off of stress, but it brings out our creative side. Artistic expression is a suggested method in relieving stress. It gives us an outlet of emotions when there's no one to talk to. Songwriters, for instance, write dark and sad songs; but you see them happy. They throw their sadness and anger into their songs. Pour your feelings into a poem, a blog, or a journal, and you may feel better.
Listening to music is a known stress-reliever. Music therapy has existed for a long time. Classical and ambient music are commonly used for relaxation purposes. Some people turn to rock music for energy brought by its aggressive sound. If you know how to play an instrument, play it along with your favorite songs.
Creativity is the main attribute of the genius named Leonardo da Vinci. Isaac Newton took a creative leap when he was observing a fallen apple and discovered the law of gravity. This tells us that creativity can make us do more than just a mere stress-reliever. Creativity can be developed from anything. Even in video games. Video games have started out as a hobby. Today, game developers put a lot into them as players need hand/eye coordination and/or strategic or quick thinking.
Video games come in different genres. These include, but are not limited to, sports, adventure, strategy, and shooters. Sports games can help develop the competitiveness in you which you may bring along when at work. They are also fun when played with a family member. Other video game genres, especially strategy games, force you to think about your next actions. This promotes creative thinking skills, which helps you be flexible in approaching problems. Being able to handle problems may help prevent the fight-or-flight response and ultimately, stress.

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