Unenforceable Credit Agreements: Win the legal battle

By: Simon Pinder

Do you feel cheated by the astronomical charges levied on your credit card account? There is no need to feel so any more. Thanks to some serious work done by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). Now you can actually claim back your hard earned money. The professional lawyers will provide you the necessary insight in the field of unenforceable credit agreements.

The unfair charges levied by the credit card companies have been a bone of contention between the credit card companies and the court of law. However, in the absence of solid grounds on which these charges have been levied, the case of the credit card companies always appeared weak.

The OFT has vehemently opposed the justification offered by the credit card companies for these charges and has stated them as exorbitant and unjustifiable. The OFT has given strict regulation to the credit card companies to reconsider the unenforceable credit agreements and has asked them to recalculate the charges levied by them in credit card agreements again.

Thanks to the exemplary work carried out by the OFT, now you can reclaim the charges you have paid to these companies. The latest ruling allows you to reclaim all the charges paid by you over the last six years along with the interest accrued. This decision has surely come as a sign of relief for all the people trapped in unenforceable legal agreements.

Another problem area in financial services along with the unenforceable credit agreements is the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI). A payment protection is basically an insurance that will help you repay a loan in a case when your repayment capability is affected. Although its a very unique concept, the problem arises when this policy is mis-sold. A recent survey shows that more than ten million policies in the UK have been mis-sold.

If you have bought payment protection insurance, chances are that you are not aware of the exclusion clauses which restrict the cases when you actually claim the amount. It is also possible that you have not been given information about the competitive products in the market which offer cheaper options. In any of the above cases, you can claim back the entire amount paid towards the policy along with the interest.

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