Understanding the various types of mini tennis balls and rackets

By: George Velvet

If you want to play mini-tennis, or when the kids want to enjoy this thrilling yet simple game, it is necessary to purchase suitable mini tennis balls and rackets. When it comes to choosing the best racket-based game, there are many options available. Even though all of these games are played with aracket, there are many variations in terms of technique and rules. Here is a guide to the different types of sports coaching equipment that is available.

Racket-based sports are usually categorized into a couple of games. These are direct and indirect sports, with the former ones involving either single or multiple opponents who are separated from you by a net. In this type of game, you face the opponent directly, and the leading games that come in this category include badminton, court tennis, platform tennis and pickle ball. A highly popular variation of tennis among kids is Mini Tennis, and it is played using mini tennis balls and rackets. It is interesting to discover the individual features of each type of rackets that are used in these sports.

In badminton, the sports coaching equipment that is used needs to be light and would probably weigh something between 80gms and 90gms. They are made from a wide range of materials including steel, carbon fiber, aluminium or even wood. Some manufacturers also add carbon nanotubes and fullerene in order to increase the strength. The thickness of the stringsranges between 0.65 mm and 0.73 mm. The grip used in usually made from either towel or synthetic materials.

In court tennis, the framework of rackets was initially made from laminated wood, while the strings were made using animal gut. However, modern rackets are made from ceramics, carbon graphite and light metals like titanium. Today, the strings that are used for these rackets are made from synthetic materials, while the tennis balls are made using rubber that has been covered in felt. In addition, there are many other material options available for mini tennis balls and rackets.

In the game of platform tennis, the paddle is the main piece of sports coaching equipment. Paddles are made using composite material and are punched with holes which are designed aerodynamically. The size of the ball is around 2.5 inches in diameter and made from rubber. The ball exterior is made from some flock material which helps to eliminate chances of skidding.

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