Understanding the purpose of a merchant account

By: Carlos Philips

You should get a merchant account prior to starting your own business on the Internet for many reasons. It doesn't matter if you want to start a web store where people can buy items, be digital or tangible, or you want to provide a specific service to a clientele. It is very important to have a secure way to transact with your customers or clients first, before you can go into calculating your daily profit. After all, that's where a business boils down to: money.

However, in order to fully take advantage of this great option for online businesses, first you need to get a good grasp of what a payment processor is about. The shortest possible explanation is that a merchant or payment processor allows your customers to pay you via credit card or debit cart. The processor takes care of all the niggling technical aspects of each and every transaction, making it greatly convenient for both you and your customer. This leads to a satisfied customer and a secure transaction. In the end, both you and your customer reap great benefits from this means of transaction.

All the fiscal transactions conducted on the Internet, however, are susceptible to security loopholes. This is especially true for credit card processing. A lot of scammers today try to get away with your product without paying you a cent in return. Inversely, there are also many business owners who are not exactly what you will call moral. They rip off people with their money by selling fake or useless products. These are the risks that can affect your business. Customers would be vigilant of the scams, and may falsely think your business is one of them, too, if they see any indications of low quality credit card processing. You, the business owner, is always vulnerable to fraud clients and customers. That's why safety with a merchant account has to be taken with utmost consideration.

Security features should include a secure merchant website, transaction page and an information disclosure agreement. The payment processor should clearly detail to the business owners and customers how the actual "process" works. In this way, you and your customers will have a modicum of surety when it comes to your financial protection.

The second purpose of a credit card processor is to provide convenience. It's not a question that payment processing is a grueling task. It takes an accountant, a programmer and a business owner in order to create a simple payment processing web feature. Integrating that to your online business is a different matter altogether.

An online merchant account provides the convenience that you will expect from a paid third party services. And the best part is that you don't have to pay for it upfront, in most cases. Merchants collect their own revenue by imposing decent fees to business owners that use their payment processing feature. For all the advantages brought by these third party credit card processors, it stands to reason that the fees are worth everything.

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