Understanding the Pros & Cons of marble flooring

By: Pinto Senorita

Everyone loves to have beautiful marble flooring decorating their house. It automatically escalates the luxury quotient of your interiors. Marble tiles are of many varieties and so finding one that suits your budget can sometimes be a tiring task. Over the years, marble flooring has become a preferred option when it comes to home décor. Their beauty easily overpowers the investment you decide to make in the marble flooring. Installing marble flooring has its own advantages and disadvantages but the trick lies in weighing the pros and cons carefully to choose the right type of marble to beautify your homes. Outlined below are some of the advantages of using marble floorings as an important home décor item.

1. Marble flooring can be used in many areas of the house. Be it the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen; marble flooring can be used to decorate the premises. This type of flooring can be easily complimented with multiple components like rugs, accessories, etc. to further enhance the décor of your home.

2. The low maintenance cost is an added attraction. Marble floors are relatively easier to clean and have a long shelf life and durability. In fact the initial high investment in marble flooring is justified by the multiple benefits that the home owners enjoy.

3. Another major advantage of marble floorings is their flexibility. You can use marble for your shower walls, vanity counter tops, etc. irrespective of the location. Looking classy, they add loads of elegance to the otherwise dull bathroom area.

4. Marble flooring also has several health benefits. Yes! Installing marble flooring is an excellent option for those looking to invest in safeguarding the health of their family members. The marble stone is strong and durable and has a natural ability to keep pathogens and bacteria away. This ensures a healthy environment for all the members of the home.

5. Also, marble floorings are known to be excellent heat conductors. This means when you use them, they will also ensure that the environment within your home is relatively cooler. So, even if it’s summery outside you will not feel the pinch of the heat inside.

Marble floorings are an excellent option for those looking to create the look of elegance and comfort in your home. But marble tiles also have a few disadvantages that need to be considered before installing them as a flooring option. First of all, marble tiles are a bad option for cold areas as they are unable to store the heat, leading to a rapid drop in temperatures. Also, they are heavier than most of their counterparts and therefore installation of marble tiles can be a painful experience.

When it comes to flooring the markets are flooded with multiple options. Like all others, marble flooring too has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the effort lies in carefully understanding your requirement and accordingly choosing the right quality of marble. Pursuing information from regular market research and the data available on the internet, you can easily choose the right type of marble flooring. This will not only beautify your home with an elegant flooring design but will also ensure you get maximum returns for the investments made in decorating the premises.

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