Understanding The Two Types of Feline Arthritis

By: SA Perillo

Cats are perceived as animals that are active and alert. Their flexibility and balance enable them to move swiftly. But this does not mean felines are invulnerable to accidents and diseases, particularly the inflammation of the joints. When the joints of the cats are sore, it can be assumed that your pet has arthritis. But there are instances where arthritis is not caused by the swelling of the joints. This kind of disease comes in different forms:

Traumatic arthritis- This type of arthritis is commonly known as joint sprain. It can be the effect of sudden blow to the joints due to awkward fall, fight with another animal or bumping on hard objects.

Osteoarthritis- When fractured joints remained untreated; it can lead to serious case like osteoarthritis. Joints with traumatic arthritis are more susceptible to more damage due to everyday activities of your cat. Prevent the swelling from causing more injuries to the other body parts. However, there are times when osteoarthritis is caused by the excess weight of your cat. The leg muscles of your cat cannot carry the overall weight of the whole body. Symptoms of any type of arthritis can easily be spotted. Check the joints of your cat to see any sign of inflammation. The swollen joint will make your cat be limp or stiff when moving. This limping or stiffness can worsen during cold and damp season. When your cat exhibits these symptoms, seek the help of a veterinarian right away. The sooner the arthritis is diagnosed, the earlier it will be treated. Your veterinarian will subject your pet to various tests like X-ray and analysis fluid coming from the joints.

Treatment for arthritis depends on the severity of the condition. An uncomplicated case of traumatic arthritis can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication plus strict rest for several days. On the other hand, for cats suffering from extreme cases of arthritis, veterinarian will prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs or even surgery. But for arthritis due to obesity, pet owners are instructed to give their feline companions proper dietary and exercise regimens. Also, osteoarthritis is a progressive condition and treatment may vary from time to time. Let your cat do small amount of exercise during the treatment to rejuvenate the affected joints. It can also help to put warm compress on the swollen joints of your pet. These days, there are many pet grooming shops which offer massage services to dogs and cats. This method can be therapeutic to animals suffering from arthritis. These massages are lubricated with oils which soothes the swollen joints. Your cat will surely feel the comfort after going through some massage therapy.

Another alternative method for the cure of arthritis in animals is acupuncture. Small needles are inserted near the affected body part and rotated several times. At some point, small amount of electrical flow is applied to revive the weakening joints. This method is done for at least five sessions and takes only a few minutes. Many pet owners have attest that this method lessens the stiffness of cat’s leg affected with arthritis.

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