Understanding Self Confidence Hypnosis

By: Sarah Keys

Confidence or Self confidence is one quality that is considered a virtue, which is why I'm writing about it. This quality makes us and lack of it breaks us. It doesn't matter who we are, our background, intelligence, good looks etc, once we are not confident in ourselves, all the other quality won't shine through. Put it this way: Self confidence is the booster of all our other qualities. If you were born a timid person and you are no more cool with timidity, you can do something about it. Hypnosis can help you become a very confident person. Think of all the things you did not do because you lacked the confidence to do them; believe it or not lack of confidence robs us all the time. Ok, say you now believe in yourself and nothing sways you, what are the things you'd go for? What can your other qualities powered by confidence help you achieve? And what would all these achievements mean to you?
People get hypnotized everyday independent of their permission. We can hypnotize ourselves or others without realizing what we've done, through things you do or say repetitively. You may ask: 'how is that possible when I'm still suffering from lack of confidence...' I'll give you an example. You must have come across at least one guy who is not conventionally good looking, short, doesn't have the best education, and is not even rich, yet is as corky as hell. He is the charmer, he has swagger, very popular with the ladies and even the guys including his Boss at work can't help but like him... and then you ask: how did he get so corky? I'll tell you how: his girlfriend or a girl/s from his past made him that way. Someone must have or is still treating him like a king, and that has sent his confidence to the skies. This can go either way as someone you are in a relationship with can also smash the little confidence you have. It is for the reason that relationship experts advice being with someone who believes in you and sees all your good qualities. That said; you can still build your self confidence without being in a great relationship.
To successfully achieve self confidence through hypnosis, you must have an unwavering motivation; this is not exactly rocket science. Just having the faith that confidence hypnosis works and therefore will give you the confidence you want, will not make life any much easier for you. Instead strong motivation to rid yourself of low self esteem and swim in confidence should be your starting point towards a successful hypnosis. Hypnosis happens at the subconscious level, the subconscious mind becomes more open and receptive of suggestions in the presence of passion and strong motivation.
You may be a trick expert, but one trick that you can never succeed at is fooling your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is just that powerful and responds to desire and will. If you are not equiped with deep motivation to make a change, your subconscious mind will not move an inch by your week suggestions. So if you are indifferent about your lack of confidence, turning to hypnosis may not work for you even if you have the most powerful hypnosis guide. You may now start to worry if your motivation is deep enough or not... One thing you have to bear in mind is that once you start acting on any goal you dream to accomplish, the motivation kicks in, and more actions will make this motivation get deeper. The motivation could even be made stronger by understanding why you actually want to make that change and what it will mean to you if you succeed. Be honest with yourself for honesty is also a motivator. This is where you really need to thoroughly grind yourself, because in the realization of truth lies your path to success.
Going to a Hypnotist to help build your confidence is great, but having the knowledge of hypnosis and how it works is the key to greater achievements. Think of it this way: of how much benefit will it be to you if you possess all the confidence and push yourself forward, without knowing how to influence other people you come across to see things your way? You see confidence hypnosis works hand-in-hand with conversational and seduction/persuasive hypnosis. The rewarding bit of it is in influencing other people's thoughts, because this is what sets you apart, makes you money, wins you arguements, gains you promotion, and gets you dates. An effective all round hypnosis home study course is what you need to kick-start a peaceful and successful life.

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